How to DIY A Pokemon Nurse Joy Cosplay

Nurse Joy is one of the oldest recurring characters in the Pokemon series. It’s the name of the multiple nurses that work in the Pokemon Centers found within the Pokemon world, in both the game and the anime. Her role is to completely restore the health of any Pokemon taken to the center.

As one of the original characters of the series, fans of the Pokemon series know Nurse Joy very well. They would always expect to see her whenever the main characters of the anime or game would visit the Pokemon Center. She is also a fantastic cosplay option for ladies looking to dress up as one of the Pokemon series characters. This article is a Nurse Joy cosplay guide.

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nurse joy costume diy

1. White Nurse Apron                                 Check Price

2. Pink Nurse Joy Dress                              Check Price

3. Pink Nurse Joy Wig                                 Check Price

4. Nurse Joy Hat                                           Check Price

5. White Nurse Joy Shoes                           Check Price

6. Pokemon Toy                                            Check Price


The Best Nurse Joy from Pokemon Cosplay  Ideas

Most of the Nurse Joys in the game and anime series all have the same appearance and outfit. There are just some variations of Nurse Joys in different versions of the series, sporting a different hairstyle and outfit. This cosplay guide will feature the original Nurse Joy.

The original Nurse Joy wears a pink dress with a white nurse apron on top of it. It is the typical outfit of all the Nurse Joys in the series with others only wearing various designs, but the colors stay the same. The original outfit is what most Nurse Joys wear. The Nurse Joy costume set will also come with a pair of white Mary Jane Shoes and a long pink wig for the character's hairstyle. The cosplay is completed with a white nurse hat with the red hospital cross symbol as well as a Pokemon toy as a prop.

About Nurse Joy Costume

Each Pokemon Center in each town and each version of the game and anime will always have a Nurse Joy waiting to assist. Most of them are identical in appearance excellent and telling them apart is difficult. Only Brock can do it, revealing little details that separate each Nurse Joy from each other. In the game, all Nurse Joy says the same thing, while in the anime there is more interaction.

The only time a Nurse Joy was different when Mewtwo kidnapped the Nurse Joy of Old Wharf in The Pokemon First Movie and brainwashed her to serve him. This Nurse Joy wears a red dress and a hat that has a white cloth that covers her face except for the eyes. As a recurring character, Nurse Joy is one of the most recognizable characters in the Pokemon franchise. It makes her a great cosplay outfit since people will instantly know who she is. If you look at the Nurse Joy cosplay photos, you can see that she is a great cosplay outfit for ladies, especially if they plan to go to a comic or gaming convention or attend costume parties.

The Nurse Joy Cosplay Makeup

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