7 Easy Ways to Dress Up as Overwatch Costumes

Overwatch is a first-person shooter video game that is developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in 2016 to PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. It is a team-based multiplayer shooter game that has become popular with a lot of people.  One of the main things that make this game popular is that it gives people a lot of different heroes to choose from to play the game.

Each hero will have their powers and special abilities. Deciding on which character you will choose when playing the game will depend on preference and on your expertise of using the character. But the different powers and abilities, as well as the unique gameplay of the characters, is not the only reason people are attracted to them. Another reason why people choose certain characters is their attractive and unique-looking appearance. The best part is that each character has more than one outfit.

This unique and attractive appearance makes characters from Overwatch also a favorite to cosplay in for comic cons or photoshoots. The video game provides people with almost 30 characters to choose from, allowing them the flexibility to dress up as a character in almost any situation and setting. We chose the most popular ones for your cosplay.

  1. Tracer Lena Oxton
  2. D.Va
  3. Mei
  4. Genji
  5. Soldier 76
  6. Reaper Gabriel Reyes
  7. Jesse McCree

Tracer Lena Oxton of Overwatch Costume Guide

Tracer Cosplay Guide.

1. Tracer Full Costume                               Product Page

2. Tracer Goggles                                        Check Price

3. White Shoes                                             Check Price

4. Tracer Wig                                               Check Price

5. Arm Armor                                              Check Price

6. Yellow Stretchy Tight Pants                 Check Price


The Best Overwatch Tracer Lena Oxton Cosplay Tutorial

Tracer Lena Oxton is a damaged hero in the Overwatch video game that specializes in close-range and single target battle. She’s a very mobile character and has the blink ability, allowing her to teleport and cover the map faster. She can be easily killed, though, so making smart use of the blink ability is important.

Dressing up as Tracer, this cosplay set will include her full outfit. The full sexy outfit would be a brown jacket-like top and tight yellow pants that have prints for the bottom. It also includes a black harness that carries the chronal accelerator that is strapped on the middle of the costume. To complete the outfit, you’ll also get the yellow eye protective glasses, white shoes, a short black wig, and the props arm armor for both arms. This cosplay set also comes with the yellow stretchy tight pants that include the Tracer prints on one of the legs and harness design.

About Tracer Lena Oxton Costume

 Tracer Lena Oxton is considered as one of the best damage heroes in Overwatch if used properly. She is best used in 1-on-1 situations and on sneak attacks using her blink ability. Engaging the enemy head-on is not the ideal strategy, considering her lack of regenerating shields and low base health.

Tracer’s ability, though, is not the only thing that is attracting people to this character. Her unique, sexy, and tough-looking appearance makes her a good choice to dress up as for photoshoots or costume parties. As you can see in the cosplay photos, you can choose to dress up exactly like Tracer. You can imagine yourself being in a battle, mimicking some of the actions for photoshoots. The setting can be anywhere since it is an action shot. Or you can add some creativity into it and turn the tough-looking outfit into a sexier look, for a steamier photoshoot.

Cosplayer: Fenix Fatalist CosplayArdsami CosplayKsanaStankevich

best tracer cosplay

D.Va of Overwatch Costume Guide

dva Cosplay Guide.

Parts you may need:

1. Full D.Va Costume                                  Product Page

2. D.Va Cosplay Shoes                                Check Price

3. Temporary Face Tatoo                           Check Price

4. Light Gun                                                  Check Price

5. Long Black Wig                                        Check Price

6. D.Va Mech Headset                                 Check Price


The Best Overwatch DVA Cosplay Tutorial

D.Va is one of the tanks in the game, a character that has high health and defense, allowing her to withstand more damage and act as a shield for the team. This hero can do this with the help of a state-of-the-art mech, a robot war machine that she is piloting.

For this cosplay set, you will get the characters full pilot suit uniform, which is a purple bodysuit black design on the shoulders and the side of the waist area and white gloves. The outfit also has a white design on the side with the MEKA name and white design from below the knees all the way down to the feet. You will also get the white shoes that go with the uniform, a long black wig, and a removable tattoo that you can place under your eyes. For the accessory, you will get the Light Gun and the Mech Headset.


About Overwatch D.Va Costume

D.Va is considered a tank because of the help of her mech called Tokki. It is a powerful but nimble machine, allowing the character to maneuver it with ease while also dealing heavy damage to enemies and protecting her allies. But D.Va is not all about her mech, as she can still fight even if Tokki gets destroyed.

She has a Light Gun, which is a mid-range automatic blaster, to fight the enemies. Besides, dressing up as D.Va won’t look appealing if she is mostly about her mech Tokki. As you can see from the sexy D.Va cosplay photos, cosplaying D.Va in her MEKA uniform looks amazing, whether it is for a photoshoot or attending a costume party. And with her Light Gun in tow, you can be assured that she is someone you wouldn’t want to mess with, even without Tokki.

Cosplayer: Miyuki CosplayHelly von Valentine

best dva cosplay

Mei of Overwatch Costume Guide

mei cosplay guide

1. Full Mei Costume                                     Product Page

2. Shin-length Boots                                    Check Price

3. Short Black Wig                                       Check Price

4. Mei’s Hairpin                                           Check Price

5. Eye Glasses                                               Check Price

6. Endothermic Blaster                               Check Price


The Best Mei Cosplay Tutorial

Mei is one of the best heroes to use, especially in 1-on-1 fights. The freezing effect ability of her blaster is a real game-changer in fights. She has other abilities that make her a good support character for the team.

Dressing up as Mei is not that simple, considering that her outfit looks like the outfit of an Eskimo. This cosplay set will come with Mei’s full costume. It includes her Eskimo-like white coat with thick blue linings and fur at the hem. The costume also includes blue gloves and tight blue pants. The costume also comes with grey boots that have fur at the opening, a short black hair, and a hairpin that Mei placed on the bun of her hair.

For the accessories of this cosplay set, you will need the Endothermic Blaster plus Climate improvement UAV Set, including the pack that you will strap on your back, and eyeglasses.

About Overwatch Mei Costume

Mei is a strong character in the Overwatch game because of her combination of abilities and power. The problem is that using this character is a bit challenging, which is why not a lot of gamers use her because of the steep learning curve.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop people from trying this character out, as mastering her will make you one a powerful player. When it comes to cosplaying her, you might think it won’t be as attractive since her outfit looks like that of an Eskimo. But if you look at the cosplay photos, no Eskimo can look as good and as fashionable as Mei.

Since the outfit of the character is built for cold climate, Cosplaying Mei will also look best if your background or environment is cold or snowy. Having a photoshoot in the snow is the best setting since you can also capture the character’s powers and abilities.

Cosplayer: ShappiMisssnore

best mei cosplay

Genji of Overwatch Costume Guide

genji cosplay guide

1. Genji’s Katana with Scabbard               Check Price

2. Genji Full Costume                                 Check Price

3. Grey Shoes with Green Design             Check Price

4. Genji-inspired Hoodie Jacket               Check Price

5. Genji Shirt                                                 Check Price

6. Genji Toys                                                 Check Price


The Best Overwatch Genji Cosplay Tutorial

Genji has one of the highest mobility and best movements in Overwatch, making him harder to target and allowing him easily navigate the map. He is best in close and mid-range combat with his sword and shurikens. But what makes this character popular with a lot of people is not just his abilities and power, but also his appearance.

Genji is an armored ninja, similar to that of Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe, but with cooler looks. For this cosplay set, you’ll get Genji’s full costume. His costume will include a white bodysuit with grey designs on the side and his knight-like face helmet. This set will also come with white shoes that have green design and the character’s signature katana sword with scabbard. You will also get a Genji-inspired hoodie jacket and his armor-designed t-shirt, as well as a Genji sword toy figure.

About Overwatch Genji Costume

Genji is one of the most mobile characters in Overwatch. He can move quickly, making it easier for people to maneuver him and for enemies to hit him. His power and abilities tend to become overestimated, though, as he is not the most agile or most powerful character. His overall abilities, actually fall just in the middle, which ranks him below other heroes.

But what Genji does have is an awesome and cool appearance with his armored ninja look. It shows how a cool ninja can be made even cooler. His outfit is so awesome that even women love to dress up as this Overwatch hero. If you look at the cosplay photos, a female Genji is even better looking than a male Genji. From awesome and cool looking armored ninja to a sexy, fierce, and still cool looking armored ninja you wouldn’t want to mess with.

Cosplayer: Tali xoxoBlondiee99gaming

best genji cosplay

Soldier 76 of Overwatch Costume Guide

Soldier 76 Cosplay Guide

1. Full Soldier 76 Costume                         Product Page

2. Soldier 76 Mask with Tactical Visor    Check Price

3. Short Grey Wig                                        Check Price

4. Heavy Pulse Rifle                                    Check Price

5. Combat Boots                                          Check Price

6. Soldier 76 Jacket Only                           Check Price


The Best Soldier 76 Cosplay Tutorial

Soldier 76 is considered as a well-rounded damage hero in Overwatch. The character can deal good damage while also being able to support himself and his teammates. It’s an easy character to play with, making it a favorite starting point for beginners.

For this cosplay set, you’ll get the full costume of the character, which includes a white jacket with blue sleeves and black and red lining designs on the side. And the leather jacket prints a big red with white soldier 76 logo on the back. It also comes with black pants, red soldier 76 gloves and black belt, as well as a handgun holder strapped to one leg.

Completing the outfit, you may need to get the combat boots, which is black with a silver design on the front, and a short silver wig. For the accessories, the set comes with the Heavy Pulse Rifle and his mask that has a red tactical visor.

About Overwatch Solider 76 Costume

As a well-rounded damage hero, Solider 76 is a good starting point for a lot of newbie gamers in Overwatch. The learning curve to properly use this character is not that long, allowing beginners to be able to enjoy the game faster. That is why Soldier 76 is one of the favorite characters in the game.

But his abilities and power is not the only draw, as Soldier 76’s appearance also look cool. The character looks a bit like a combination of Cable, with his grey hair, outfit, and a big gun, and Cyclops with his tactical visor. But this character didn’t only attract male audiences, as female audiences are also fond of him. If you look at the cosplay photos, you can see that the character can also be cosplayed by a woman and still look wonderful at it, while also maintaining the fierce and cool appearance of the character.

Cosplayer: k8sarkissianSunji.san

best soldier 76 cosplay

Reaper Gabriel Reyes of Overwatch Costume Guide

Reaper Cosplay Guide.

1. Overwatch Reaper Costume                   Product Page

2. Reaper Mask                                             Check Price

3. Hellfire Shotgun                                       Check Price

4. Grey Boots                                                 Product Page

5. Reaper Jacket                                           Check Price


The Best Overwatch Reaper Cosplay Tutorial

Reaper Gabriel Reyes is one of the deadliest damage characters in Overwatch, able to kill even the tank characters in the game. He can do this due to his powerful Hellfire Shotgun combined with his Death Blossom ability. He is also an easy character to use, which is good for beginners.

Dressing up as Reaper is not that hard, as you need to look like death and use shotguns instead of a scythe as a weapon. Fort his cosplay set, Reaper’s full costume comes with a black hoodie leather trench coat with leather pants and top. The costume also includes a belt with shotgun shells attached and another set of shotgun shells on the chest.

The Reaper costume also has black gloves with spikes on the hands, grey boots, and the white reaper mask. This cosplay set will also include a Hellfire Shotgun and a Reaper hoodie jacket.

About Overwatch Reaper Gabriel Reyes Costume

Reaper Gabriel Reyes is another good character to use for beginners of the game, as the learning curve needed to play him is not that long. Newbies will easily be able to use this character properly after just playing him a couple of times. But what makes this character popular is not because of his ability alone, but also because of how he looks.

Reaper is what Death would look like if he suddenly becomes more bad-ass. The black cloak and scythe are replaced with a leather hoodie trench coat and shotgun called the Hellfire Shotguns. And it’s not only the men that are being attracted by this look, as seen in the cosplay photos. Reaper’s appearance is also a good option for women to cosplay in. With women, though, you won’t just get a bad-ass Reaper, you will get a sexy and bad-ass Reaper.

Cosplayer: Blood.Raven

best reaper cosplay

Jesse McCree of Overwatch Costume Guide

Mccree Cosplay Guide

Parts you may need:

1. Full McCree Costume                              Product Page

2. Brown Shoes                                             Check Price

3. Short Dark Brown Wig                           Check Price

4. McCree Cowboy Hat                               Check Price

5. Peacekeeper Revolver Gun                    Check Price

6. BAMF Belt Buckle                                   Check Price


The Best Jesse McCree Cosplay Tutorial

 Jesse McCree is one of the best duelists in Overwatch because of his combination of abilities and power. His Flashbang can blind opponents while his Peacekeeper and expert marksmanship can kill any target, even the mobile ones. Using him is also fairly easy, but mastering this character is difficult.

He is also a popular and good choice to dress up in, considering his appearance is that of a modern cowboy. Jess McCree’s full costume will come with his brown top with front armor, brown pants, brown right-hand gloves, metal left arm, and red poncho. The set will also include a short dark brown wig, the cowboy hat, and Jesse’s revolver gun, Peacekeeper. To complete the look, you will also get a gun holster and a BAMF Belt Buckle to put the holster in.

About Overwatch Jesse McCree Costume

Jesse McCree’s power abilities make him a good hero to choose to take out mobile targets, as well as deal damage to tanks. His lack of mobility and low ammunition, though, doesn’t make him a good hero to venture on his own. He is best used together with the team. What makes this character an ideal cosplay option is his appearance.

The hero is what you would call a modern cowboy, with his combination of looks, armor, and state-of-the-art equipment. His cool-looking appearance is not only limited to males, as there are also a lot of females cosplaying this character. Just look at the cosplay photos, and you can see that dressing up as Jesse McCree will look good, regardless if you are a man or a woman.

As for the setting, this costume would work in any environment would work with it. But it would still look best in a western or outdoor setting.

Cosplayer: StarbuxxShimyrk

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best mccree cosplay

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