DIY Guide for Son Gohan Cosplay

Son Gohan, or more commonly known as just Gohan, is one of the main characters in the Dragon Ball franchise. He is the son of Goku and Chi-Chi, the husband of Videl, and the father of Pan. Gohan is one of the naturally powerful characters in the Dragon Ball franchise, especially when he was just a teen. He was the one who defeated Perfect Cell and was in the process of taking out Majin Buu with his Mystic Gohan form before he got careless.

It makes Gohan one of the popular characters in Dragon Ball and a good cosplay option. This article is a Gohan cosplay guide.

Dragon Ball - Gohan Cosplay Tutorial

gohan cosplay ideas

1. Full Teen Gohan Costume                      Check Price

2. Black Gohan Wig                                      Check Price

3. Yellow Gohan Wig                                    Check Price

4. White Cape                                                 Check Price

5. White Headband                                       Check Price

6. Gohan Action Figure                                Check Price

7. White scarf                                                 Check Price

The Best Gohan from Dragon Ball Cosplay Ideas

Cosplaying Gohan gives people several options since the character was seen wearing various outfits throughout the series, similar to a lot of Dragon Ball characters. But his most iconic and memorable one is the outfit that he wore during the Cell Saga. It is also the outfit Gohan was wearing when he was considered as the most powerful character in Dragon Ball. This guide will feature Teen Gohan’s outfit during the Cell Saga.

He wears the Namekian warriors’ outfit, which is a purple suit with a blue sash wrapped around the waist and a pair of blue armbands. The cosplay set will also come with a pair of bronze glass shoes, a white bandana, a white cape, and a white scarf. The cosplay set is completed with a short spikey black wig for Gohan’s regular hairstyle and a short spikey yellow wig for the character’s hair when he turns Super Saiyan. This cosplay set also includes a Teen Gohan action figure.

About Gohan Costume

Gohan is one of the frustrating and exciting characters in the Dragon Ball franchise, not because he is a bad character or a villain. It’s because he has the most potential. At the start of Dragon Ball Z, he was a character who has a lot of innate power. This innate power is shown to appear in spurts when he was a kid. During the Cell Saga, it seems Gohan is finally living up to his potential, showing a power that even Perfect Cell couldn’t defeat.

But that didn’t last long since Gohan has regressed a bit after the time skip. He is still powerful but not as powerful as he should, which frustrates his fans. But the main reason for the character not achieving his full potential is because he doesn’t like to fight. He’s not like Goku or Vegeta who strives to be the strongest. That is also why a lot of people are interested in his development and why a lot of people like to cosplay like the character. If you look at the Gohan cosplay photos, you can see that he is a right choice for costume parties, comic conventions, or photoshoots.

Son Gohan Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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