The Detailed Guide for Vegeta Cosplay

Vegeta is one of the main characters of the Dragon Ball series. He is the son of King Vegeta, making him the Prince of all Saiyans. He is also the husband of Bulma and father of Trunks and Bulla. Vegeta started as one of the series villains, wanting to destroy the Earth so they could sell it to the highest bidder. But Goku and his son Gohan stopped him.

Vegeta eventually settled on Earth after Goku defeated Frieza on the battle at the Planet Namek. Vegeta is an arrogant and proud warrior, who believes the Saiyans are the superior race. This article is a Vegeta cosplay guide.

Dragon Ball Franchise - Vegeta Cosplay Tutorial

vegeta cosplay ideas

1. Full Vegeta Costume                                Check Price

2. Dragon Ball Prop                                      Check Price

3. Vegeta Pop Figure                                    Check Price

4. Black Vegeta Wig                                      Check Price

5. Geiger Counter Prop                                Check Price

6. Vegeta Armor Cosplay                             Check Price

The Best Vegeta of Dragon Ball Cosplay Ideas

Like the majority of the Dragon Ball characters, Vegeta has worn various outfits throughout the series. However, he is also the only Saiyan who maintained wearing the traditional Saiyan armor. He has worn different variations of the armor throughout the series. This guide will feature two of the Saiyan outfit that Vegeta wore.

The first cosplay set is the one that Vegeta wore during the Frieza Saga. It consists of a blue full-body jumpsuit with a white Saiyan armor that has yellow designs on the abs and shoulder area. It is completed with a pair of white and yellow shoes. The second cosplay set is the one that Vegeta wore when he first came to Earth. It consists of the full-body blue jumpsuit and white Saiyan armor. The big difference is that the Saiyan armor now comes with shoulder pads and the design now comes in gold instead of yellow. The cosplay set will also come with a Geiger counter, Dragon Ball prop and a Vegeta Pop figure.

About Vegeta Costume

Vegeta is undoubtedly one of the famous characters in the Dragon Ball series, especially after his role in the series changed. He started as a villain then became somewhat supporting who fights alongside Goku but still falls short on the protagonists’ overall power. It is only during the Dragon Ball Super, where Vegeta was given a more prominent role, becoming the series’ Deuteronomist and possessing power almost equal to that of Goku.

The Dragon Ball Super series also showed that Vegeta is capable of adapting to the domesticated Earth life, while also maintain his arrogance and pride, especially when it comes to the Saiyan race. The series has shown that Vegeta is an even better husband to Bulma than Goku to Chi-Chi. That is why he is also one of the favorite cosplay options of people looking for to cosplay Dragon Ball characters. If you look at the Vegeta cosplay photos, you can see that cosplay as him is a good idea for costume parties, comic cons, or photoshoots.

Dragon Ball Vegeta Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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