How to Get Android 17 Cosplay Of Dragon Ball Z

Lapis, or more commonly known as Android 17, is one of the characters of Dragon Ball Z. He, along with his twin sister Android 18, is the main antagonists of the Androids Arc of the Cell Saga. Dr. Geros created him and his sister as a weapon to kill Son Goku. But two androids weren’t interested in what Dr. Geros wants, and Android 17 ended up killing the mad scientist.

Android 17 wasn’t a popular character since he is one of those annoying villains. But when he reappeared in Dragon Ball Super and played an important role, his popularity soared. This article is an Android 17 cosplay guide.

Dragon Ball Z - Android 17 Cosplay Tutorial

android-17 cosplay ideas

1. Black Android 17 T-Shirt                         Check Price

2. Orange Bandana                                       Check Price

3. Android 17 Wig                                         Check Price

4. Blue Jeans                                                  Check Price

5. White Long-Sleeves Shirt                       Check Price

6. Green Socks                                               Check Price

7. Brown Belt with Holster                         Check Price

8. Brown Belt with Buckle                          Check Price

9. Android 17 Shoes                                      Check Price

10. Full Android 17 Costume                      Check Price


The Best Android 17 of Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Ideas

Like a lot of the Dragon Ball Z characters, Android 17 is mostly shown to wear one iconic outfit. He did change his appearance a bit when he reappeared again in Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super. But fans of the character would mostly associate him with his appearance in Dragon Ball Z. This guide will feature Android 17’s full costume in Dragon Ball Z.

It consists of a white long-sleeved shirt with a black t-shirt on top of it and jeans. The cosplay set will also come with an orange bandana around the character’s neck, a pair of black and white sneakers and green socks. The collection will also include a brown belt with holster and another brown belt with buckle. The costume is completed with a short black wig in Android 17’s hairstyle.

About Android 17 Costume

When Android 17 first appeared in Dragon Ball Z, he didn’t possess anything that would make him a favorite or cool character, other than he was just strong. He’s childish, arrogant, doesn’t care about anything. He also wasn’t able to build any connection with any of the main characters of the series. But this all changed when the franchise came out with Dragon Ball Super, where he played a significant role in the series’ final arc.

He also displayed how powerful he is and how cool some of his abilities are. Android 17’s improved role and character development have made him one of Dragon Ball’s famous characters. It also made Android 17 a good option when it comes to cosplay Dragon Ball characters. And if you look at the Android 17 cosplay photos, you can see that the role is a great cosplay option for costume parties, comic conventions, and photoshoots. You can also see in the images that Android 17’s appearance is great for both men and women.

Dragon Ball Android 17 Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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