The Complete Guide To Trunks Cosplay

Future Trunks, or just Trunks, is one of the characters of the Dragon Ball franchise. He is the son of Vegeta and Bulma, but he belongs in a different timeline. He came from the future to warn the other Z fighters about the rise of the Androids that will cause the destruction of cities and death to a lot of people.

Trunks was surprised to see that the past he went to is a bit different from his own and that the Androids are much stronger than in his timeline. Nevertheless, he did his part to help the present and get strong in the process to have the power to eliminate the threat from his timeline. This article is a Trunks cosplay guide.

Dragon Ball Franchise - Trunks Cosplay Tutorial

trunks cosplay ideas

Parts you may need

1. Full Future Trunks Costume                  Check Price

2. Future Trunks Pop Figure                      Check Price

3. Purple Trunks Wig                                   Check Price

4. Future Trunks Action Figure                 Check Price

5. Sword Prop                                                Check Price


The Best Trunks of Dragon Ball Cosplay Ideas

Dressing up as Trunks give people several options since there are two versions of him. There’s the Kid Trunks, who live in the present, and the Future Trunks, who came to the past to try and alter his present. Future Trunks is the popular one amongst the two, and this guide will feature the character.

Future Trunks’ outfit consists of a black tank top with purple Capsule Corporation jacket and grey pants. The cosplay set will also come with a light blue belt with buckle and a pair of brown and black shoes. The cosplay collection will also have a short purple wig in Trunks hairstyle and a sword prop with a sheath. It will also come with two Future Trunks figure, one is the Pop Figure version of the character, and the other is the Super Saiyan Future Trunks action figure.

About Future Trunks Costume

Future Trunks is one of the hot characters of the Dragon Ball franchise. A lot of fans of the series instantly liked the character the moment he made his first appearance. Not only was his first cool appearance, slicing Frieza in the process, but his overall look makes him one of the most refreshing looking characters in Dragon Ball. The character's confidence but kind demeanor also matches well with his overall appearance.

Similar to Gohan, Trunks also possesses innate power, but it’s not as obvious as Gohan. But unlike Goku’s son, Trunks was able to live up to his full potential, especially in the Dragon Ball Super series, where he was the one who delivered the final blow to a powerful enemy in Goku Black. It makes Trunks a popular cosplay option. If you look at the Trunks cosplay photos, you can see that the character is a good choice for costume parties and comic conventions. Trunks’ overall appearance is even a good option in case you want to do a photoshoot of anime characters.

Trunks Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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