The Detailed Guide To Shego Costume

Shego is one of the characters of the animated series Kim Possible. She is one of the villains of the series, working for Dr, Drakken as his sidekick, stealing stuff from him and protecting him from harm. Despite working with the villain, she likes to insult him as often as she can, as Dr. Drakken, along with Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, are the three characters that irritate her the most. She also doesn’t work exclusively with the mad scientist, as she also collaborated with other villains.

Shego is also an attractive lady, which regularly uses to her advantage, especially when she is doing something bad. This article is a Shego costume guide.

The Kim Possible Shego Cosplay Tutorial

shego cosplay ideas

Parts you may need

1. Shego Costume                                         Check Price

2. Shego Boots                                               Check Price

3. Black Shego Wig                                       Check Price

4. Green Belt                                                  Check Price

5. Black Lipstick                                            Check Price

6. Black Small Eye Shadow                         Check Price


The Best Shego of Kim Possible Cosplay Ideas

Unlike Kim Possible, Shego is known only to wear one outfit, her iconic black and green costume. She does wear other outfits from time to time, but most of them are just part of her disguise. It shows that her iconic outfit is the only option when it comes to dressing up as the villain. This guide will feature Shego’s costume.

It consists of a black and green full-body jumpsuit with black gloves on the right hand and green gloves on the left side. The cosplay set will also come with a green belt and a pair of boots with the left boot colored green and the right boot colored black. The cosplay set is completed with a long black wig t in Shego’s hairstyle. The collection will also include a black lipstick for Shego’s lip color and a black small eye shadow for the character’s eye make-up.

About Shego Costume

Shego is one of the recurring villains that always tangles with Team Possible. Since she is a Dr. Drakken’s hired sidekick, she always does his bidding, stealing things from him and giving him what he needs to help complete his evil plans. But Shego is more than just a sidekick, as she also has her evil plans and adventures.

Unfortunately for her, Team Possible always foils her plans, which is why Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable are two of the three people that irritate her the most. But these setbacks don’t stop her from trying again. Despite being a villain, a lot of people are fond of the character since her personality and penchant for insulting others, especially those she doesn’t like is a bit funny. She is also an attractive lady, which also makes her a good cosplay option for ladies looking to cosplay Kim Possible characters. If you look at the Shego cosplay photos, you can see that she is a great cosplay choice if you plan on attending comic conventions or costume parties. You can even dress up like her if you plan on doing a photoshoot.

Kim Possible Shego Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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