The Completed Kim Possible Costume DIY Guide

Kimberly Ann Possible, or more commonly known as Kim Possible, is the main character of the animated series with the same name. She is a high school student and freelance heroine who fights crime consistently. But unlike the typical heroes, she doesn’t have a secret identity, and everyone in her school knows what she is doing.

She is also not your typical outcast student, as she is her school’s most popular and brightest student. But her hero business is a form of vigilante since she doesn’t work for any government agency, but she does have a good relationship with them. This article is a Kim Possible cosplay guide.

The Kim Possible Costume Tutorial

kim possible costume

1. Black ¾ Sleeved Crop Shirt                    Check Price

2. Kim Possible Wig                                      Check Price

3. Kim Possible Gloves                                 Check Price

4. Green Kim Possible Pants                       Check Price

5. Brown Kim Possible Belt                         Check Price

6. Black Kim Possible Shoes                       Check Price


The Best Kim Possible Cosplay Ideas

Kim Possible is known as a character who is known to care a lot about outer appearance. That's evident in how she dresses, as the character is known to wear several outfits throughout the series. The outfit she wears will depend on the kind of activity that she is doing. It gives people several options when it comes to dressing up as the protagonist of the animation series Kim Possible. This article will feature Kim Possible’s most iconic outfit, the one she wears when she is on a mission.

It consists of a black ¾ sleeved turtleneck shirt that bears the character’s midriff and green cargo pants. The cosplay set will also come with a pair of grey gloves and a brown utility belt that contains a lot of the equipment that Kim Possible uses on her missions. The Mission outfit of the character is completed with a pair of black shoes and a long orange wig in the character’s hairstyle.

About Kim Possible Costume

Kim Possible is a popular and bright student in her school. She is the cheerleading captain and a straight-A student. She is also a freelance crime-fighting heroine who has good relations with several government agencies. Despite these significant accomplishments, Kim is still just a high school student. It means that she is still immature and can get into petty fights. Her penchant for focusing too much on appearances and images usually leads her to do childish things and get into arguments with people.

But Kim is also a protective and caring friend, willing to fight for her friends and personally save them when they get into trouble. Her confident and arrogant, but caring personality, along with her penchant for looking good makes her a good cosplay option. If you take a look at the Kim Possible cosplay photos, you can see that she is a great cosplay option if you plan on attending a costume party or a comic convention. The character is even a right cosplay choice if you plan to do some cosplay photoshoots.

Kim Possible Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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