The Detailed Guide To Goku Cosplay

Goku, who is also known as Kakarot, is the protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise. He is a Saiyan that was initially sent to Earth to destroy it, and the Saiyans would sell the planet to the highest bidder. But he hit his head hard during an accident, which altered his memory. Instead of a ruthless Saiyan that is sent to destroy the Earth, Goku became kind and compassionate who is more than willing to help those in need.

He was also always training and striving to achieve his goal of the strongest warrior and uses his strength and power to protect the Earth against powerful enemies. This article is a Goku cosplay guide.

The Dragon Ball Franchise Goku Cosplay Tutorial

Goku cosplay diy

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The Best Goku of Dragon Ball Cosplay Ideas

Like a lot of the characters in the Dragon Ball franchise, Son Goku wore several outfits throughout his appearance in the series. This cosplay guide will feature his iconic Dragon Ball Z outfit and the one that his evil alter ego, Goku Black, wore.

Goku’s Dragon Ball Z outfit is his most famous appearance. It consists of the orange gi Turtle School Uniform with a black shirt underneath and a black knot tied around the waist. The set will also come with a pair of blue wrist bands and a pair of blue kung fu shoes. The costume is completed with a yellow wig to represent Son Goku’s Super Saiyan look. The other outfit is Goku Black, which consists of a black long-sleeves shirt with a grey vest on top and black pants. The set is completed with a red sash, tied around the waist, a black wig for Goku Black’s hairstyle and a Dragon Ball-inspired hoodie jacket.

About Goku Costume

Goku is one of the most popular characters, not only in the Dragon Ball series but also in anime. He is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why the Dragon Ball series is so popular. A lot of people like the character due to his power, pleasant personality, and attitude of always wanting to get stronger. His popularity goes beyond Dragon Ball that people always like to debate whether he is stronger than other anime and cartoon characters. One of the most famous debate is Goku vs Superman.

That is why Goku is one of the popular cosplay options of people who are looking to attend costume parties, comic conventions, or do a cosplay photoshoot. If you look at the Goku cosplay photos, You can see that he is a great cosplay option. The beauty of the character is that it gives people several different choices when it comes to his appearance and hairstyle. The good part is that Goku’s appearance also looks good even on women, as several ladies also tried cosplaying the character.

Dragon Ball Goku Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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