The Complete Guide To Shiro Voltron Cosplay

Takashi Shirogane, or more commonly knowns as Shiro, is one of the main characters of the animation series Voltron: Legendary Defenders. He is the pilot of the Black Lion and the captain of Atlas. Shiro’s life wasn’t easy since he endured extreme stress and trauma when the Galra captured him and made him one of the fighters of Emperor Zarkon’s Gladiator Arena.

His original body was also killed during a battle with Zarkon, but his consciousness remained in the Black Lion, allowing him to survive. The Shiro that everyone sees is just a clone. This article is a Shiro cosplay guide.

The Best Shiro from Voltron: Legendary Defender Cosplay Guide

shiro voltron cosplay diy

1. Full Shiro Costume                                 Check Price

2. Voltron Blue Lion Pilot Uniform          Check Price

3. Short Shiro Wig                                       Check Price

4. Black Shiro Boots                                    Check Price

5. Voltron Blue Lion Pilot Gear                 Check Price


The Best Shiro from Voltron: Legendary Defender Cosplay Ideas

Shiro Takashi has worn various outfits throughout his appearance in Voltron: Legendary Defenders. There’s the outfit he wore as a fighter on the gladiator arena, his outfit as an exploration pilot for the Galaxy Garrison, and many more. But for this guide, Shiro’s casual outfit and a Voltron Blue Lion pilot uniform are featured.

The character’s casual outfit consists of a grey long-sleeves skin-tight shirt with a black vest on top of it and a matching black pants. The Shiro costume will also come with a pair of black fingerless gloves, a pair of black boots, and a grey belt that has a pouch on each side. Completing the character’s casual look is a grey arm bracer that extends until the triceps to represent the character’s prosthetic arms and a short black wig with white bangs for his hair. The other gear is the standard Paladin of Voltron white armor with blue highlights and a blue helmet. The cosplay set is completed with a Blue Lion Pilot gear.

About Voltron Shiro Costume

Shiro Takahashi is the oldest member of the Paladin of Voltron, which is why he is the leader of the Voltron team and why he pilots the Black Lion. It is a fitting role for the character since personality is that of a born leader, who is natural at commanding a team or squadron. Though he is a commander, he is not tough or strict, as Shiro is kind and understanding. He is sensitive to the feelings and struggles of the other Paladins, allowing him to relate to them properly and have patience when they’re not performing up to par.

As one of the main characters of the series, Shiro is also famous. His combination of personality, appearance, and backstory makes him a fan favorite. Shiro is also an ideal cosplay option for people looking to dress up as a Voltron character. If you look at the Shiro cosplay photos, you can see that his appearance is a great costume to wear for costume parties and for attending comic or anime conventions. His appearance is also great for doing anime photo shoots.

The Voltron Shiro Cosplay Makeup

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