DIY Bulma Costume Guide Of Dragon Ball Z

Bulma Brief, or more commonly known as just Bulma, is one of the recurring characters in the Dragon Ball franchise. She is currently the wife of Vegeta and the mother of Trunks and Bulla. She is the franchise’s best scientist and one of the daughters of Dr. Brief, the founder of Capsule Corporation. Bulma is also one of the first characters that the protagonist, Son Goku, encounters when he was still a kid.

Despite not possessing any powers, Bulma is an important character in the franchise since her inventions help everyone a lot. She plays a more critical and expanded role in Dragon Ball Super. This article is a Bulma costume guide.

The Dragon Ball Franchise Bulma Cosplay Tutorial

Bulma cosplay

Parts you may need

1. Full Bulma Costume                                 Check Price

2. Blue Bulma Wig                                        Check Price

3. Bulma Sexy Bunny Costume                  Check Price

4. Blue Tight Leggings                                 Check Price

5. Red and White Sneakers                         Check Price


The Best Bulma of Dragon Ball Cosplay Ideas

Dragon Ball Z characters aren’t known for changing their appearance or outfit that much, but Bulma is the lone exception to that. She has undergone a lot of different costumes and appearance changes throughout the franchise. It will give fans of the series looking to dress up as Bulma plenty of options. This guide will feature two of the appearances that Bulma had in Dragon Ball.

The first one is one of the outfits and looks when she first appeared in Dragon Ball. It consists of a pink T-shirt dress with the word Bulma on the chest with a brown belt on the waist that has a blue bag. It also comes with a pair of brown gloves, blue and white sneakers, and a long turquoise-colored wig that is styled in her hairstyle. The second outfit is the sexy bunny costume that Bulma wore on one of the episodes. It consists of a black one-piece bathing suit, black bunny ears, and tight blue leggings. It also comes with a long blue wig and a pair of red sneakers.

About Bulma Costume

Bulma started as just one of the supporting characters in Dragon Ball. She’s not a fighter like the majority of the characters, so she provides support with her inventions, like the Dragon Ball radar or spaceships for transportation. Though she continued to provide support to everyone throughout the series, her role and importance increased, as the series progresses.

Fans of the series also started to like her more, especially after she married Vegeta and they had Trunks. The way she handles and even controls a hot-headed Saiyan like Vegeta has fans of the franchise respecting and adoring the character. Bulma is also one of the attractive females in the series, which makes her one of the favorite cosplay options of females looking to dress up as Dragon Ball characters. If you look at the Bulma cosplay photos, you can see that she is a good cosplay option for costume parties, comic conventions, and even photoshoots.

Dragon Ball Bulma Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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