Complete Guide To Russell Up Costume

Russell is one of the main characters of the Disney / Pixar animated movie Up. He is the deuteragonist of the story which accompanied the unintentionally accompanied the protagonist in his journey to Paradise Falls. Russell is a Junior Wilderness Explorer who only needs the Assisting the Elderly Badge to complete all of his Wilderness Patch. He chose to help Carl Fredricksen to get his last badge.

Though the protagonist consistently refuses Russell’s help, the boy is a loud, hyperactive, high-strung, and curious individual. He is also persistent in getting his badge, insisting that he help Mr. Fredricksen in whatever assistance he needs. His tenacious nature is what got him stowed away in the flying house, unintentionally accompanying Carl on his adventure. Russell is one of the favorite characters of the animated movie due to his overall personality and cute appearance. This article is a Russell Up costume guide.

The Russell of Up Cosplay Tutorial

russell up costume

1. Russell Up Shirt                                        Check Price

2. Dark Brown Shorts                                  Check Price

3. Grape Soda Badge                                    Check Price

4. Binoculars                                                  Check Price

5. Russell Up Hat                                          Check Price

6. Orange Scarf                                              Check Price

7. Patch for Russell Up Flag                        Check Price

8. Trumpet                                                      Check Price

9. Russell Backpack                                       Check Price

10. Red Rope                                                  Check Price

11. Russell Up Badges                                  Check Price

12. Dark Brown Shoes                                  Check Price

The Best Russell of Up Costume Ideas

In terms of appearance, Russell only had one outfit style throughout the movie, and that is his Junior Wilderness Explorer uniform.

This article guide will feature Russell’s Junior Wilderness Explorer uniform. It consists of a yellow short-sleeved polo for the top and dark brown shorts for the bottom. The Russell cosplay set will also come with a light yellow cap that has the Wilderness Explorer patch and an orange scarf. The full collection is completed with a pair of dark brown shoes and a brown cotton fabric that contains all of the badges Russell collected already. As for the accessories, the set comes with a trumpet prop, a red rope, black binoculars, and the Grape Soda Badge that Ellie gave to Carl Fredricksen and Carl gave to Russell.

About Russell Costume

Russell’s cuteness and bubbly personality are one of the main reasons why a lot of people love the character. As the deuteragonist of the story, Russell played a significant role in the movie Up. Not only was he there to support the protagonist, but he was also there to remind him of his long-lost wife, who also possesses the same adventurous and curious spirit that Russell has. But Russell is also dealing with some loss in his life since his father is always absent after he divorced Russell’s mother.

So the companionship of the two characters is a win-win situation for both of them. They filled the void that each other has in their life. The only difference is that Russell is better at handling his loneliness, choosing to go on with his life and achieve his goals and dreams. That is why Russell is a beloved character, and his personality is something to look up to. That's also why he is a good cosplay option. If you look at the Russell Up cosplay photos, you can see his personality reflected on his overall appearance.

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