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Jason Voorhees, or just Jason, is the main character of the horror movie series Friday the 13th. He is the main antagonist of the movie series. Jason always goes on a killing spree, slashing everyone he comes across with using his machete. He is a seemingly undead mass murderer, surviving a lot of different attempts to kill him. He still holds the distinction as the “Deadliest Horror Movie Slasher”, meaning he still has the highest body count.

But Jason Voorhees wasn’t a killer at the beginning, nor did he displayed any indication that he will turn into one. The death of his mother was the main reason the character started killing people. This vicious and seemingly immortal slasher is one of the favorite characters of horror enthusiast. Jason is one of the preferred costume options during Halloween. This article is a Jason Voorhees costume guide.

Friday the 13th | Jason Voorhees Costume Tutorial

jason voorhees costume diy

1. Grey Long-Sleeved Polo                          Check Price

2. Jason Voorhees T-Shirt                           Check Price

3. Jason Hockey Mask                                  Check Price

4. Jason Voorhees Pants                              Check Price

5. Axe Prop                                                     Check Price

6. Jason Voorhees Gloves                            Check Price

7. Black Boots                                                Check Price

8. Machete                                                      Check Price


The Best Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th Cosplay Guide

One of the things that make Jason Voorhees a fan-favorite horror movie character is his distinguished look and non-existent dialogue. People would instantly recognize the role because of his trademark hockey mask and favorite slashing weapon, the machete. As for outfits, Jason Voorhees has worn a lot of different outfits throughout his appearance. But he is often seen wearing a long sleeved polo.

This guide will feature Jason Voorhees cosplay outfit. It consists of a grey long-sleeved polo with a blue long-sleeved t-shirt underneath. It also comes with jeans, a pair of black fingerless gloves, and a pair of black boots. The cosplay set will also come with the trademark hockey mask that the character always wears and a machete prop. A small ax prop is also included in the cosplay set since he sometimes uses a short ax to slash his victims.

About Jason Voorhees Costume

Jason Voorhees is a man of very few words. He barely talks in the majority of his appearances in the movie series. But this doesn’t prevent him from scaring people off and fearing for their lives even if the character doesn’t say anything. That is one of the reasons a lot of people are fans of this horror character. He is one of the rare villains who don’t need to say anything or engage in dialogue to scare and torment his victims.

The mere presence of Jason Voorhees is already enough to elicit fear from the people he comes across. He can even torment them psychologically without the need to do anything except to let them know he is coming for them. That is also why Jason is a favorite cosplay option, especially during Halloween costume parties or comic book conventions. If you look at the Jason Voorhees cosplay photos, you can see how scary he is.

Friday The 13th - Jason Voorhees Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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