The Creative Costume Ideas for Hellraiser Pinhead

Pinhead is the main antagonist in the Hellraiser movie series. He first appeared in Clive Barker’s novel, The Hellbound Heart, as an unnamed figure. Pinhead is also known as the Hell Priest in the movies and is one of the leaders of the Cenobites, creatures that live in an extradimensional realm. Pinhead and his kind travel to Earth through a puzzle to harvest human souls.

He was once a human known as Elliot Spencer. He became disinterested in life after participating in World War 1. Elliot became a Pinhead after he opened the Lament Configuration, a puzzle box that can open a doorway to the realm where Cenobites reside. As Pinhead he takes great pleasure in torturing humans that solved the puzzle box. People were fascinated with Pinhead, not only because of his gross appearance but also because of how different he is from usual evil monsters in movies. This article is a Pinhead cosplay guide.

The Hellraiser Pinhead Costume Guide

Pinhead costume ideas

1. Full Pinhead Costume                             Check Price

2. Weapons Belt                                            Check Price

3. Lament Configuration Prop                   Check Price

4. Pinhead Mask                                            Check Price

5. Pinhead Boots                                           Check Price

6. Pinhead Small Figure                              Check Price

The Best Pinhead of the Hellraiser series Cosplay Ideas

Pinhead is the main antagonist of the Hellraiser movie series and one of the leaders of the Cenobites. He and his kind abduct and torture people who can solve the Lament Configuration. One of the scariest and fascinating things about Pinhead is his appearance. A lot of people are enamored by his hard look, making him a good cosplay option.

This Pinhead cosplay guide will feature his complete look. It consists of a black leather long-sleeve top with a long black leather skirt at the bottom. The top also extends to the fingers, covering the thumb and pinky fingers. The outfit will also come with a corset-like belt placed on the mid-section and a chest plate. The costume is completed with a pair of black boots and a Pinhead Mask with pins. The collection will also come with a Lament Configuration prop and Pinhead’s weapon belt.

About Hellraiser Pinhead Costume

Pinhead was always one of the fascinating and intriguing characters of the Hellraiser series. Not only because he is the antagonist of the series or the leader of the Cenobites, but also because of his behavior and appearance. He is not your typical evil monster that’s crazy, egotistical, and a maniac that would go on a rampage.

He is calculated, inventive, but still a very disturbing villain. His appearance is also a bit disgusting, considering his head is pale white, and he has pins sticking out from all over his head. It makes him a terrifying villain, especially if you feel that his mode of killing people is torture. That is why people are very fascinated with him, making him a good option for costume parties, especially during Halloween. If you look at the Pinhead cosplay photos, you can see that even women love to dress up as him.

Cosplayers: JennifercoronaIrukandji.jellyfish

pinhead cosplay

Hellraiser Pinhead Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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