The Tanjiro Kamado Cosplay Guide Of Demon Slayer

Tanjiro Kamado is one of the two protagonists of the Kimetsu No Yaiba (Demon Slayer) series, along with her younger sister Nezuko Kamado. He is a Kanoe-ranked Demon Slayer, and he joined the corps to hunt down the demon who killed their entire family and turned her younger sister into a demon as well. He is also on a quest to find a cure for his sister, regardless of how long it takes.

Aside from his determination, Tanjiro is also a kind person and can empathize with anyone, even demons. It usually makes him hesitate to strike the final blow when battling against demons. This article is a Tanjiro Kamado cosplay guide.

Demon Slayer Tanjiro Kamado Cosplay Tutorial

Tanjiro Kamado cosplay ideas

1. Full Tanjiro Kamado Costume               Check Price

2. Black Sword with Scabbard                    Check Price

3. Black Tanjiro Kamado Wig                     Check Price

4. White Sandals                                           Check Price

5. Birthmark Tatoo                                       Check Price

6. Tanjiro Kamado Earrings                        Check Price

7. Demon Slayer Mask                                  Check Price

The Best Tanjiro Kamado of Demon Slayer Cosplay Ideas

Tanjiro Kamado has worn different outfits throughout the series. But once he became a demon slayer, he started wearing the usual outfit that is common to demon slayers. This guide will feature Tanjiro Kamado’s demon slayer costume.

It consists of the standard demon slayer outfit with the long-sleeves white top with a black long-sleeves top over it and a matching hakama pants for the bottom. The Tanjiro Kamado cosplay set will also come with a black and green checkered haori that Tanjiro Kamado wears over his demon slayer outfit. Included in the shoes is a pair of white sandals with dark brown straps and white bandages that around the character’s ankles. It also includes a pair of earrings and a black sword with a black scabbard. The cosplay set is completed with a short black wig in Tanjiro’s hairstyle, a mask, and a birthmark tattoo to place on the left forehead of the character.

About Tanjiro Kamado Costume

Tanjiro Kamado is a kind and caring person, much like his younger Nezuko. But he also showed the ability to empathize even with demons, making him hesitate to kill them during battle. It already resulted in a demon mounting a comeback to prolong the fight several times. As the character gains experience, he learned to control his hesitation and is more calculated and precise in his actions and decisions.

Tanjiro is also one of the strongest characters, especially once his Demon Slayer Mark is activated. The mark gives him additional strength, speed, and reaction time, allowing him to kill enemies swiftly and dodge even their most powerful attacks. But he can only use it for a short while since the attack is exhausting. As one of the protagonists of the series, Tanjiro is also one of the favorite characters. It makes him a good cosplay option since people will instantly recognize him in a crowd. He’s a great costume for people attending costume parties or going to anime and comic conventions.

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