Your Full Guide To Dress Captain Cack Sparrow Costume

Jack Sparrow, or more commonly known as Captain Jack Sparrow, is the main protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. He is a legendary pirate of the Seven Seas and is well-known as someone who cares more about himself, the seas, and his ship the Black Pearl. He does show concern and compassion for his friends, but he does it weirdly.

The name Captain Jack Sparrow was a name he inherited after trapped a notorious pirate hunter Captain Salazar in the Devil’s Triangle. His father is the pirate Captain Edward Teague. As a pirate, Jack is known as a trickster, who is good at deceiving his captors and escaping certain death or capture. He is undoubtedly the most popular character in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It makes him the primary cosplay choice for fans of the movie series. This article is a Jack Sparrow cosplay guide.

The Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Costume Tutorial

captain jack sparrow costume diy

Parts you may need

1. Captain Jack Sparrow Costume              Check Price

2. Jack Sparrow Wig with Bandana            Check Price

3. Brown Jack Sparrow Hat                          Check Price

4. Jack Sparrow Accessories                        Check Price

5. Pirate Sword                                               Check Price

6. Jack Sparrow Boots                                   Check Price


The Best Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean Costume Ideas

Despite appearing in all of the installments of the Pirate of the Caribbean movies, Jack Sparrow mostly wore the same pirate outfit. There are scenes and sequences where the character is wearing a different costume. But these are primarily due to Jack disguising himself to get out of a tricky situation, to infiltrate a stronghold, or to assist a comrade.

This cosplay guide will feature Jack Sparrow’s pirate costume. It consists of a white long sleeves loose polo that is only buttoned halfway from the bottom up and a dark blue vest. It also comes with a long brown pirate coat and greyish blue pants. The cosplay set will also come with a red bandana that Jack always wears with a long brown wig attached for the character’s hairstyle. Jack Sparrow’s accessories include a pirate sword, a black compass, and other items. The cosplay set is completed with a pair of brown pirate shoes and the brown pirate hat.

About Jack Sparrow Costume

Captain Jack Sparrow is undoubtedly a famous movie character due to his combination of wit, smarts, personality, and pirate attitude. A lot of fans are also fond of his ability to elude his captors and escape dire situations. He is one of the characters who made the appearance of pirates fresh and appealing.

That's also why when it comes, events where wearing costumes are required, Captain Jack Sparrow is one of the favorite options. If you take a look at the Jack Sparrow cosplay photos, you can see that appealing dressing up as the pirate character can be. He is a great cosplay option if you are attending costume parties, comic conventions, or if you want to do a photo shoot. The beauty of this character is that his cool appearance and natural flair allows him to fit in almost any environment.

CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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