Inspiring Emma Frost Costume From X-Men

Emma Grace Frost, or more commonly known as just Emma Frost, is one of the mutant characters of Marvel’s X-Men franchise. She is a mutant that has powerful telepathic abilities, classifying her as an Omega-Class telepath. Aside from her telepathic powers, Emma Frost can also turn into an organic diamond, which enhances her strength and durability. The only downside her diamond form is that it suppresses her telepathic powers.

Emma Frost first appeared as one of the X-Men’s main villains. But over the years, she became part of the good guys, trying to atone for her past mistakes and also protecting mutants from persecution and discrimination. This article is an Emma Frost cosplay guide.

The X-Men Franchise Emma Frost Cosplay Tutorial

emma frost cosplay

Parts you may need

1. Full Emma Frost Costume                    Check Price

2. Emma Frost Wig                                    Check Price

3. White Gloves                                           Check Price

4. X-Men Badge                                          Check Price

5. White Emma Frost Boots                     Check Price


The Best Emma Frost of X-Men Cosplay Ideas

Emma Frost is not known to change outfits or appearance often. She is mostly seen wearing her iconic white costume throughout her appearances in the comics, movies, or animation series. Though her current outfit shows the mutant telepath wearing black costume instead of her usual white ones, the designs are pretty much the same. This guide will feature Emma Frost’s iconic white outfit.

It consists of a white tube crop top that bare her midriff and has an off-shoulder cape attached at the center top with an X-Men badge on top of it. The cosplay set also comes with matching pants and a pair of long white gloves that extends past the character’s elbow. The costume will also have a pair of white long high-heeled boots and a long white wig in Emma Frost’s hairstyle.

About Emma Frost Costume

Emma Frost is currently one of the main characters in the X-Men franchise. Her actual allegiances are hard to determine since she frequently changes sides. One thing is for certain about this character is that she does the things that she does because she feels it would help mutants. Just like Magneto, who also plays the role of villain and hero, Emma Frost wants nothing more than to make sure that all mutants can live peacefully and harmoniously.

That is why Emma Frost is one of the main characters of the series and a popular one for the fans. She’s the type of character that you’d like to hate, but also feel sympathy because a lot of her actions is due to her wanting a better world for all mutants. This personality, combined with her great looks, and awesome power, makes Emma Frost a good cosplay option for people looking to dress up as X-Men characters. If you look at the Emma Frost cosplay photos, you can see that she is a great option to choose if you plan on attending costume parties or comic conventions.

The Emma Frost Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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