Complete Guide To Megumin Cosplay

Megumin is one of the main characters of the animated series KonoSuba. She is part of the Crimson Demon Clan one of their Arch Wizards. She is only 13 years old, but she is adept at using Explosion Magic. Megumin is also the first person to join the group of the main protagonist, Satou Kazuma. Since the character is adept at using explosion magic, she spends a lot of time honing and perfecting her skills. She’s making her explosions more powerful and her casting time shorter.

As one of the main characters, Megumin is one of the most popular in the animation series. This article is a Megumin cosplay guide.

The KonoSuba Megumin Cosplay Tutorial

megumin cosplay ideas

1. Short Megumin Wig                                Check Price

2. Full Megumin Costume                          Check Price

3. Megumin Patch                                        Check Price

4. Orange Boots                                            Check Price

5. Megumin Body Pillow                             Check Price

6. Megumin Figure                                       Check Price


The Best Megumin of KonoSuba Cosplay Ideas

As one of the main characters of KonoSuba, Megumin is one of the first cosplay options for fans of the animated series. Dressing up as Megumin is not that complicated since she is known mostly to wear one specific outfit throughout her appearance in the series. This article will feature Megumin’s usual outfit, which is a classic witch costume.

It consists of a red long-sleeved dress with gold designs near the hem and a black leather belt placed on the waist. The cosplay set also comes with a black cloak that has a gold border and a black Wizard’s hat with gold design. The costume will also include a black choker, a pair of fingerless gloves, a bandage on the right leg, and black thigh-length socks on the left leg. The costume is completed with a pair of orange boots, a Megumin patch, and a short black wig in the character’s hairstyle. A Megumin body pillow and figure will also come with the cosplay set.

About Megumin Costume

Megumin is a powerful Arch Wizard who specializes in using Explosion Magic. Her spells and abilities focus more on creating powerful explosions to deal with enemies. She continually trains herself to come up with more powerful explosion spells and lessen the time needed to cast them. She could even control her explosions to move at the cost of power. The only problem is that explosion spells cost a lot of mana, which causes the character to become immobilize and faint after casting a spell.

Megumin also didn’t spend time to increase her mana reserves to their maximum capacity, thus further making it hard for her to cast powerful spells. It made the character very dependent on her teammates for casting. Nevertheless, Megumin is still a powerful wizard and one of the famous characters of the series, which also makes her a good cosplay option. If you look at the Megumin cosplay photos, you can see that dressing up as the Arch Wizard is an excellent idea if you plan to a cosplay photoshoot or go to a comic convention.

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