Awesome DIY and Tutorial for Naruto Hinata Hyuga Cosplay

Hinata Hyuga is one of the characters of the anime series Naruto. She is the current wife of the protagonist Uzumaki Naruto. Hinata was the former heiress of the Hyuga clan, but her father didn’t think that she is capable of leading the clan and becoming a good ninja. Her father disinherited her when she lost against her younger sister in a fight to determine who is more qualified to lead the Hyuga clan.

Though this made Hinata depressed, she met Naruto after this incident, and he became the inspiration for Hinata’s perseverance and drive, as well as her love interest. Hinata is not a powerful character, but she is strong in her own right due to her Byakugan. She is also one of the famous characters in the series, making her a good cosplay option. This article is a Hinata cosplay guide.

Naruto series - Hinata Hyuga Cosplay Tutorial

hinata hyuga cosplay ideas

1. Hinata Naruto Shippuden Costume      Check Price

2. The Last Movie Hinata Costume           Check Price

3. Ninja Headband                                        Check Price

4. Hinata Wig                                                 Check Price

5. Black Leg Bag                                            Check Price

6. Fishnet Shirt                                              Check Price

7. Leg Bandage                                               Check Price

8. Black Ninja Sandals                                 Check Price


The Best Hinata Hyuga of Naruto Cosplay Ideas

Like a lot of the characters in the Naruto series, Hinata also wore a lot of different outfit throughout the entirety of the series. As the character grows, the outfits they wear changes and Hinata is no different. This guide will feature two of Hinata’s costume.

The first outfit is the outfit that Hinata wore during the Naruto Shippuden series. It consists of a lavender and cream hoodie jacket with lavender design near the wrist area. It also comes with dark blue pants and the ninja headband with the Konoha Village Symbol that Hinata wears on her neck. The second outfit is the one she wore at Naruto: The Last Movie. It consists of a sleeveless light lavender kimono blouse that has vertical lines with a dark purple obi tied around her waist and dark blue shorts. The collection also includes a pair of grey socks. And a long black wig, a black bag attached to the leg, a leg bandage, and a pair of ninja sandals are included to complete the cosplay set.

About Hinata Hyuga Costume

Hinata Hyuga didn’t start as one of the popular characters in the Naruto series. But people began to like her as the series progresses. You can’t help but root for her because she’s always trying her best even if it is tough for her. It’s also cute that she’s very much into Naruto, but she’s too shy to show it. But you know her feelings are genuine when she was willing to sacrifice her life to protect Naruto when Akatsuki attacked the Leaf Village. So, it was a good treat for the fans of the series after the two characters ended up together.

Hinata is also an attractive lady, which is why she is also a good cosplay option for ladies looking to dress up as Naruto characters. If you look at the cosplay photos, you can see that Hinata is a beautiful cosplay option that can turn heads during comic conventions or costume parties.

Naruto Hinata Hyuga Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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