Detailed Guide To Naruto Kakashi Cosplay

Kakashi Hatake, who is known more as Kakashi of the Sharingan, is one of the characters of the Naruto series. He is one of the most talented ninjas in the Konohagakure Village and the teacher of Team 7. Though he is not part of the Uchiha clan, inherited a Sharingan from his teammate and friend Obito Uchiha, before he supposedly died. Kakashi is also the Sixth Hokage of the Konohagakure Village after the end of the Fourth Shinobi War.

Kakashi always preached teamwork to his students, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. It was a lesson he learned from Obito. At a young age, Kakashi didn’t believe in teamwork because he saw that the village vilified his father for failing a mission due him prioritizing saving his teammates. Obito was the one who helped realized the importance of teamwork and not abandoning teammates. Kakashi is also one of the most popular characters in the series, which also makes him a cosplay favorite. This article is a Kakashi Hatake cosplay guide.

Naruto series | Kakashi Hatake Cosplay Tutorial

kakashi costume ideas

1. Full Kakashi Costume                              Check Price

2. Kakashi Vest                                              Check Price

3. Kakashi Mask with Headband                Check Price

4. Kakashi Gloves                                          Check Price

5. Kakashi Wig                                               Check Price

6. Leg Bandage                                               Check Price

7. Leg Bandage                                               Check Price

8. Leg Bandage                                               Check Price

9. Leg Bandage                                               Check Price

10. Leg Bandage                                            Check Price

The Best Kakashi Hatake of Naruto Cosplay Ideas

Kakashi Hatake is not like a lot of the ninjas in Naruto since he is mostly seen wearing only one style of outfit throughout. The various outfits he did wear are primarily seen in flashbacks when he was still young and when he became Hokage. This cosplay guide will feature the usual costume that Kakashi wears.

It consists of a dark blue long-sleeves shirt that has a patch on the arms and matching dark blue pants. It also comes with a green flak jacket vest, a pair of black ninja sandals, and a pair of black fingerless gloves. The costume is completed with a short white wig, Kakashi’s mask with the ninja headband, a set of ninja accessories. The accessories contain a set of kunai and some and some ninja headbands. The cosplay set will also come with a hoodie jacket in Kakashi’s ninja uniform style.

About Kakashi Hatake Costume

Kakashi Hatake is one of the most popular characters in the entire Naruto franchise. His combination of power, ability, personality, and demeanor makes him a fan favorite. It’s really funny how a lot of people always look to Kakashi for advice and assistance, while he’s very lazy for any responsibility. It’s also cool that he always stays calm, regardless of the situation he is in, even if its a hazardous situation.

This popularity, along with how cool he looks, are the reasons why Kakashi Hatake is one of the favorite cosplay options of people looking to dress up as Naruto characters. If you look at the Kakashi cosplay photos, you can see that dressing up like him is a good idea. He’s a great cosplay idea if you’re going to comic conventions, costume parties, or doing photo shoots.

Naruto Kakashi Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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