Awesome DIY and Tutorial for Kizuna AI Cosplay

Kizuna AI is a virtual YouTuber from Japan. She is a self-proclaimed artificial intelligence which first debuted in November 2016. The virtual YouTuber has 3 YouTube channels, and the main is the A.I. Channel. There, the AI discusses various topics, Q&A and more. Kizuna also has A.I. Games channel where she posts anything related to gaming and A.I. Channel China for her Chinese audience.

The fact that Kizuna has several YouTube channels show that she likes to talk and explain things. Though she is Japanese and doesn’t speak English well, she has a lot of foreign fans. She currently has millions of subscribers on her two YouTube channels. This article is a Kizuna AI cosplay guide.

Kizuna AI Cosplay Tutorial

kizuna ai cosplay diy

1. Full Kizuna AI Costume                          Check Price

2. Brown Kizuna AI Wig                             Check Price

3. White T-shirt with Kizuna Design       Check Price

4. White Kizuna AI Boots                           Check Price

5. Kizuna AI Figure                                      Check Price


The Best Kizuna AI Cosplay Ideas

Kizuna AI looks like an anime character, including the way she dresses. She has two outfits, and it will depend on the YouTube channel that you are watching her from. This guide will feature that outfit that Kizuna wears on her A.I. Channel.

It consists of a white sailor outfit that has a pink design on the center and a black ribbon with white lines near the chest area. It also comes with short pants with small black triangle design on front near the opening of the legs. The cosplay set also comes with a pair of white arm sleeves that has black cutout designs at the tip. The set includes a pair of knee-length white boots with a pink line at the front, and black cut out designs at the opening and black shape at the tip and heel. The cosplay set is completed with a long brown wig with pink highlights and a heart-shaped pink headband. A Kizuna AI figure and a white t-shirt with Kizuna design come with the set.

About Kizuna AI Costume

Kizuna AI is arguably one of the most popular YouTuber out there, even if she is a virtual AI. The millions of subscribers to A.I. Channel and A.I. Games is a testament to how many are fond of this character. Her fans are not limited to Japanese as well since she is also famous internationally. It is despite the virtual YouTuber speaking mostly in Japanese. Her fans are contributing the English translations for her videos, having an unofficial community.

What people liked about Kizuna are her cute appearance and bubbly personality. The virtual YouTuber loves to talk, especially if it is a topic that she likes. Her fans can see how happy she talks about stuff and it is contagious. As a popular virtual YouTuber, Kizuna is also an excellent cosplay option. If you look at her cosplay photos, you can see that any female who dresses up as this popular YouTuber will stand out in costume parties and comic conventions.

The Kizuna AI Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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