The DIY Guide to Cosplaying Akali of League Of Legends

League of Legends is a popular game where gamers control a champion to battle other champions and try to destroy the enemy’s nexus structure. The game has close to 150 heroes to choose from, and one of them is Akali the Rogue Assassin. Akali is a melee hero that possesses abilities and skills that makes her a grand champion to use against fragile champions. Here it will be an Akali cosplay guide.

When an ally drops an ability that deals damage to a lot of enemies, then Akali would swoop in for the kill using one of her skills. Akali is a relatively old character, being released to the game just seven months after it launched. She already has several skins or costumes available for gamers to put on her. It also means that Akali will have several costumes available when people want to dress up like this champion.

League of Legends Akali Cosplay Guide

lol akali cosplay guide

1. Full K/DA Akali Costume                        Check Price

2. K/DA Cap                                                    Check Price

3. K/DA Akali Mask                                       Check Price

4. Purple Akali Wig                                       Check Price

5. Akali Weapons Prop                                 Check Price

6. High-cut Black Shoes                               Check Price


The Best LoL K/DA Akali Cosplay Ideas

Akali the Rouge Assassin used to be a member of the Kinkou Order and has the title of Fist of Shadow. She left the group to use the abilities and skills she has learned to defend the land Ionia from her enemies. As a relatively old champion in the game, Akali now has a lot of different costumes for cosplayers to choose.

For this Akali cosplay set, the K/DA outfit will be featured. It consists of a white tube crop top with black outlines black pants with the right leg revealing the entire thigh, and a white belt with gold buckle. The set also comes with a purple crop jacket black gloves that reveal the fingers and a K/DA cap. The collection is completed with a K/DA mask, a long dark purple wig with Akali’s hairstyle, and high-cut black shoes with white outlines. The cosplay set will also come with props of Akali’s weapons.

About Akali Costume

Akali was born and raised within the Kinkou Order, and she was the daughter of a renowned Fist of Shadow. When she came of age, Akali realized that the Kinkou Order was not doing enough to protect the people of Ionia. She decided to leave and use her skills as an assassin to protect the land in her way, killing off all their enemies one at a time. As one of the early champions in the game, Akali already possesses a lot of skins or costumes.

It also means people who want to cosplay Akali will have a lot of different choices. Probably one of the best costumes for this champion is the K/DA outfit. If you look at the Akali cosplay photos, you can understand why. The K/DA outfit dresses Akali in a more modern suit that still showcases the champion’s assassin lineage.

Cosplayer: JanevindomHaneAme

best lol akali cosplay

LoL K/DA Akali Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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