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Betty Boop is the main character of the animated series with the same name. She was the first cartoon character to appear on TV that represents a sexual woman. That's why she is also called the Queen of Cartoons. Betty Boop is also called Bitsy Boop or Baby Boop because of her constant baby talk and scat singing. She is also known for the catchphrase “Boop-Oop-a-Doop”, which comes with a high-pitched scream called the “Bop”.

As the first female cartoon character to represent a sexual woman on TV, Betty Boop is very popular. She is one of the favorite cosplay options for a lot of women. This article is a Betty Boop costume guide.

The Best Betty Boop Cosplay Tutorial

betty boop costume diy

1. Full Betty Boop Costume                        Check Price

2. Red Betty Boop Shoes                             Check Price

3. Betty Boop Wig                                         Check Price

4. Red Lipstick                                               Check Price

5. Big Gold Earrings                                     Check Price

6. Gold Bracelet                                             Check Price

7. Betty Boop Tattoo                                     Check Price


The Best Betty Boop Cosplay Ideas

Betty Boop has worn a lot of different outfits throughout her appearance on TV and in the movies. The character is shown as a fashionable lady, wearing different trendy costumes. But there is one outfit that is always associated with the character and that is her red tube dress. This cosplay guide will feature the usual suit that Betty Boop wears.

It consists of a red tube dress with matching red high-heeled shoes and red lipstick. The dress that comes with the set also has a slot on the left side that reveals the character’s left leg. The Betty Boop costume will also come with a white fastener that has a red heart on the left leg. Included in the cosplay set are a pair of big gold earrings and a pair of gold bracelets worn on each wrist. Betty Boop’s appearance is completed with the character’s iconic short black curly wig.

About Betty Boop Costume

Flappers of the 1920s are actually what Betty Boop is representing. They’re the generation of young women who wear short skirts, bobbed their hair, and listen to jazz music. Clara Bow, a famous actress in the 1920s, was the real person that inspired the cartoon character. They were often compared to each other, but they only share the same looks. Betty Boop’s personality and traits were from Mae Questel, who is also an actress. She’s also the voice actress that gave life to Betty Boop’s voice.

Though the character officially debuted in 1930, she became famous during the 1980s, when she was an iconic figure of the past. Her iconic look and personality was a hit, and people are still fond of her, even to this day. That is why Betty Boop is also an excellent cosplay option, especially for ladies who are looking for that retro look. If you look at the Betty Boop cosplay photos, you can see that the character’s iconic look will make anyone stand out in a crowd. She’s a great cosplay option for people attending costume parties or doing cosplay photoshoots.

The Betty Boop Cosplay Makeup

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