The Top Characters We Want to Cosplay Nier Automata

NieR Automata is a role-playing action game that Square Enix published in 2017. The players will be taking control of combat androids from the YoRHa units to fight enemies in real-time and in different game environments in the game. It is in an open world environment and with a post-apocalyptic setting. NieR Automata takes place during the fourth ending of the original game NieR.

The game was well received by people having sold more than 3.5 million copies in less than two years after it launched. It is divided into several chapters with each chapter having one combat android as the protagonist. The first chapter would have YoRHa No. 2 Type B or 2B as the protagonist battle android in the first chapter of the series. Pod 042 and battle android YoHRa No. 9 Type S or 9S accompanies her in the episode. The second and fourth chapters have battle android 9S as the main protagonist, and Pod 153 accompanies him throughout the game.

The third chapter introduces battle android YoHRa Type A No.2 or A2, who is also the main antagonist of this chapter. Unlike the first two battle androids, this one doesn’t have an accompanying pod. These three battle androids are the games main characters and will be the focus of NieR:Automata’s cosplay guide.

Let's go through the detail costume DIY guide for each key role.

  1. 2B
  2. 9S
  3. A2

Nier:Automata 2B cosplay Guide

2B cosplay guide

1. Full 2B Costume                                        Check Price

2. 2B Wig                                                         Check Price

3. 2B Underwear                                            Check Price

4. 2B’s Sword Prop                                        Check Price

5. 2B Boots                                                      Check Price

6. Small 2B Display Figure                          Check Price


The Best 2B of NieR Automata Cosplay Ideas

YoHRa No. 2 Type B, or more commonly known as 2B, is the main protagonist of Route A of NieR Automata. Pod 042 accompanies her throughout this route while YoHRa No. 9 Type S, her battle android partner, joins her for the just the majority of it. 2B is one of the first characters that players will be playing in this game, which is why she also its most well-known character.

For this 2B cosplay set, the full costume will be featured. It consists of a white tights underwear and a black turtleneck dress that has a hole design near the chest area and cut designs on the sleeves. It also comes with black gloves and knee-length black heeled boots. The set is completed with a short white wig for 2B’s hairstyle, a black mask, and a prop of the character’s sword. The collection list also includes a small Nier 2B figure.

About 2B Costume

2B is the first playable character you will be using in NieR Automata since she is the protagonist for the game’s first chapter. She is an all-purpose battle android that carries multiple weapons that are best used in close combat. Her pod system allows her to attack from a distance as well. Her primary role in the game was to kill YoHRa No. 9 Type S in case he digs too deep into the YoHRa program because of his curious nature.

2B came to detest this act over time due to the bond that she formed with the battle android. This conflict made her a popular character in the game. It also makes her an excellent option to dress up in. 2B is a badass looking character who is also pretty. If you look at the 2B cosplay photos, you can see how beautiful and cold-blooded this battle android looks.

Cosplayer: Fenix Fatalist CosplayMerylsama

best 2b cosplay

NieR Automata: 9S Cosplay Guide

9s cosplay guide

1. Full 9S Costume                                       Check Price

2. 9S Boots                                                     Check Price

3. 9S Wig                                                        Check Price

4. 9S Necklace                                              Check Price

5. Box Cube                                                   Check Price

6. Small 9S Figure                                        Check Price


The Best 9S of NieR Automata Cosplay Ideas

YoHRa No. 9 Type S or 9S is the protagonist of route B and D in NieR Automata. He also acts as one of the main villains and the final boss of route C. This character is more of a scanner type android who specializes in investigative purposes. He does have an attack function, so he is not useless in combat. But he is well-known for his hacking skills.

For this 9S cosplay set, the full costume of 9S will be featured. The costume consists of a black military-type coat, black shorts, and black socks. The set will also come with black gloves a pair of black boots, and a black mask that covers the eyes of 9S. The cosplay set is completed with a short white wig for the character’s hairstyle, a black necklace, and a black box cube, which is the character’s self-destruct mechanism. The collection list also comes with a 9S Small Figure.

About 9S Costume

YoHRa No. 9 Type S or most commonly known as 9S is the second playable character in the game. But he was introduced in route A, as he played a support role to the battle android 2B. The skills that 9S possesses makes him better suited for the support role, considering he has excellent hacking talent. He does have combat abilities, but they’re not in par with 2B’s abilities.

He vowed to destroy all machines, including YoHRa No.2 Type A after she kills 2B in route C and he was infected with the logic virus. Unlike 2B, 9S has a more calm and kind personality. He is also more emotional than his partner. If you look at the 9S cosplay photos, you can see this personality reflect in the character’s appearance. He does have a rough side, especially when it comes to supporting and protecting 2B.

Cosplayers: Beyondthevoid, Sakericos

best nier 9s cosplay

NieR Automata: A2 Cosplay Guide

best nier a2 cosplay guide

Parts you may need

1. Full A2 Costume                                       Check Price

2. A2 Wig                                                       Check Price

3. White Tight Underwear                         Check Price

4. Small A2 Figure                                       Check Price

5. Black High Heeled Wedge                     Check Price


The Best A2 of NieR Automata Cosplay Ideas

YoHRa No. 2 Type A or also known as A2 is the protagonist of route C and the final boss in route D. She was the prototype of the battle androids that YoHRa created. Her combat data, as well as the data from her comrades, were used to develop the newer battle androids, including 2B and 9S. She’s a very quiet and reserved android who likes to keep to herself.

For this A2 cosplay set, her full costume will be featured. It will consist of tight white underwear and black halter leather top with string designs on the shoulder area and black leather shorts. It also includes black see-through stockings with a portion of the thigh and knee area revealed and a black elbow-length leader gloves. The set is completed with a long white wig and a pair of black high heeled wedges. The cosplay set also comes with a small A2 figure.

About A2 Costume

YoHRa No.2 Type A is an old battle android, as she was the prototype that the latest androids like 2B and 9S were based on. She was also part of the experimental YoHRa squadron, first deployed on Earth during the 14th Machine Wars. A2’s fighting abilities are a bit similar to 2B since the latter’s combat skills on her. But unlike 2B, who is a bit more conversational, A2 is very reserved and likes to keep to herself.

Like 2B, though, A2 is also a beautiful battle android but also possesses that fierce and assassin-like demeanor. If you take a look at the A2 cosplay photos, you can see how deceivingly beautiful A2 looks like. Looking at her won’t make you think that she is a fierce fighter and combatant that is also a killing machine.

Cosplayers: MiuMoonlightVictorialirell

best niera2 cosplay

NieR Automata 2B & 9S Cosplay Makeup Tutorial


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