The Specific Guide for League of Legends Ahri Cosplay

League of Legends is an online multiplayer video game that was launched in 2009. The game lets players play the summoner and control certain champion that has a unique set of skills, abilities, and power. One such hero in this game is called Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox, and a ranged champion that fires magic energy to enemies.

Ahri is a Vastaya but she didn’t grow up with her people. Ahri earned her nickname because she was adopted by a pack of ice fox when she was a child after abandoned in a snowy forest. Without someone guiding her, Ahri discovered and developed her powers on her own.

Ahri, released in 2011, is not one of the original champions. There are already a lot of skins or costume for this character. This article will be an Ahri cosplay guide.

League of Legends Ahri Cosplay Tutorial

LOL ahri cosplay guide

1. Ahri Wig                                                     Check Price

2. Popstar Ahri Costume                              Check Price

3. Ahri Tails                                                    Check Price

4. Dark Purple Heeled Shoes                      Check Price

5. KDA Ahri Outfit                                         Check Price


The Best Ahri of League of Legends Cosplay Ideas

Ahri is known as the Nine-Tailed Fox because of her appearance of wearing fox tails and because ice foxes raised her. Her real race is Vastaya, though, giving her power and abilities from this race. There have already been several skins released for her from the year 2011.

For this LOL Ahri cosplay set, it includes two of her costumes, the Popstar Ahri costume and the K/DA costume. The Popstar Ahri cosplay comes with a long pink tailcoat with a white insignia on the right shoulder. It also comes with pink shorts and a purple tube top, a necklace, and purple heeled shoes. The long blonde wig and the pink nine-tailed fox prop will complete the set. The K/DA costume consists of a black long-sleeves off-shoulder top with white sleeves and white breast area, as well as the black leggings. There are also yellow designs found near the shoulder and hip area.

About Ahri Costume

The Ice foxes raised Ahri, so there was no one but herself to ask when it comes to her Vastaya powers and how to use them properly. She can properly use some of them, except for controlling her desire to consume life essence. It led to her killing several people, as well as villages to satisfy her hunger. And it resulted in her hiding and isolating herself before emerging after all these years to try and see the world in her own eyes.

Ahir is somewhat popular, being in the top 30 out of almost 150 champions. That is why she is a hot option for ladies to cosplay in. Now, there are a lot of different Ahri costumes to choose from. If you look at the Ahir cosplay photo, though, you can see that you will look good in them, regardless of the suit you want to wear.

Cosplayer: SpagnolettidesignsKafkanyaRinnie Riot

best lol ahri cosplay

League of Legends Ahri Cosplay K/DA POP/STARS Makeup Guide

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