League of Legends K/DA Evelynn Popstar Skin Cosplay Guide

League of Legends is an online multiplayer game that launched in 2009. It’s a game where players control champions and fight other heroes and try to destroy the enemy’s Nexus structure. One of the original champions to come out when the game was released is Evelynn, Agony’s Embrace. Evelynn is a demon and a melee type champion that has camouflage ability when she is not in combat.

Evelynn also can curse a target with a charm that decreases their resistance to magic. She has the appearance of a human female, allowing her to lure her prey before tormenting them and inflicting pain. As one of the original champions to come out with the game, Evelynn already has plenty of skins and costumes that gamers can fit on the hero. It also gives people who want to cosplay Evelynn in a lot of different options. Here it will be an Evelynn cosplay guide.

League of Legends Evelynn Cosplay Tutorial

LOL evelynn cosplay guide

Parts you may need

1. Full K/DA Evelynn Costume                 Check Price

2. Evelynn Wig                                             Check Price

3. Evelynn Shoes                                          Check Price

4. Finger Claws Prop                                   Check Price


The Best Evelynn of League of Legends Cosplay Guide

Evelynn is known as Agony’s Embrace because her existence was due to the extreme pain and anguish the world is experiencing. As a demon, she likes to torment her prey and feed upon the pain and suffering they are experiencing. But her appearance is not that of a typical demon, as she has the face and body of a beautiful woman, which makes her an excellent option to dress up in.

For this Evelynn cosplay set, we will feature the K/DA outfit. The costume consists of a black halter crop top and tight black skirt with silver lines designed around it. It also comes with elbow-length dark purple sleeves with purple feathers near the shoulder area. The costume set is completed with black high heeled shoes, a long purple wig that represents the champion’s hairstyle, and finger claws for Evelynn’s weapon.

About Evelynn Costume

The Rune Wars brought about the birth of Evelynn the demon. The war has caused the world to experience pain and suffering and the champion’s presence fed on it until she came into being. The hero, though, tailored its appearance into a beautiful young woman instead of looking like a monster to lure victims to her.

Once Evelynn has captured their attention, she would start to inflict pain and torment them. Their suffering and anguish gives her pleasure and allows her to grow stronger and satisfy her hunger. Evelynn already has various skins or costume available. And each of them represents her beautiful appearance. Looking at the Evelynn cosplay photo, you can see how good Evelynn looks wearing the K/DA outfit. Her devilish look will capture anyone’s attention and make them oblivious of her real plans. Evelynn is an excellent option to dress up in if you are looking for a female character that has a devilish side to them.

Cosplayer: Glory LamotheHaneAme

best lol evelynn cosplay

LoL K/DA Evelynn Popstar Skin Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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