Best Easy Ideas to Dress up Street Fighter Heroes

Street Fighter is considered as one of the most popular fighting video game to ever come out. Developed and released by Capcom, this fighting game franchise has been entertaining and wowing fans since 1987. This game has been made available in almost all the video game consoles that came out.

It has also branched out to toys, movies, cartoons, and more. Now, the good thing about this game and probably one of the reasons why it is still popular is that it continues to evolve. The developers continuously improve the gameplay, graphics, and even the storylines. Despite all of these changes and evolution, there is still one constant with Street Fighter, and that is its awesome characters.

Sure, Capcom has somehow upgraded some of the looks and appearances of the characters and even added more. What remained the same, though, are the abilities and the iconic looks and appearances of the characters. The developer made sure that the improvements they made with the looks won’t affect how fans relate and identify with the characters. This is why Street Fighter characters are a regular cosplay idea when it comes to conventions and costume parties. Please follow us to get the costume DIY guides for the most popular characters.

  1. Chun Li
  2. Ryu Render
  3. Cammy
  4. Akuma

Street Fighter Chun Li Costume DIY

chun li cosplay guide

1. Full Chun Li Costume                            Check Price

2. Short Black Wig with Hair Buns          Check Price

3. Spiked Bracelet                                       Check Price

4. Dark Brown Sheer Pantyhose              Check Price

5. Knee-High White Boxing Boots          Check Price

6. Full Chun Li Costume For Kids           Check Price


The Best Street Fighter Chun Li Cosplay Ideas

One of the most popular and well-known female characters in Street Fighter is Chun Li. She is actually the first female character in the video game franchise and is an expert martial artist. When women are deciding to cosplay a character from Street Fighter, Chun Li is usually one of the choices, due to her being a tough, skilled, and beautiful fighter.

This cosplay set will have Chun Li’s full costume, which is a blue qipao, a Chinese dress that was popular in the 20th Century. The outfit was altered, though, to allow her more freedom and flexibility in movements. The costume will also include dark brown sheer pantyhose, a white sash wrapped in the waist, and white knee-length boxing boots. You will also get Chun Li’s spiked bracelets and a short black wig with two hair buns. If you have a kid, this set also comes with a Chun Li full costume for kids.

About Chun Li Costume

Chun Li is an Interpol officer who is seeking revenge on the villain M. Bison for killing her father. Since she is one of the first characters of the video game franchise, Chun Li actually has a lot of different outfits and appearances in the game. Her outfit and appearances can vary depending on the video game version. But her blue qipao with dark brown sheer pantyhose is her most iconic outfit.

The outfit is actually a good representation of the character, showing her beauty, brains, and brawns. If you look at the cosplay photos, you can see how Chun Lee’s dress shows her sexy and beautiful side, while also projecting that she is someone you wouldn’t want to mess with. This makes cosplaying Chun Li the ideal option for women who want a girl who can kick ass but also still look beautiful and sexy.

Cosplayer: Enji NightUncanny Megan

best chun li cosplay

Street Fighter Ryu Render Costume DIY

Ryu Render cosplay guide

Parts you may need:

1. Full Ryu Costume                                     Check Price

2. Short Black Wig                                        Check Price

3. Red Head Band                                         Check Price

4. Ryu Cosplay Gloves                                  Check Price

5. Black Belt                                                   Check Price


The Best Ryu Render of Street Fighter Cosplay Ideas

Ryu Render is actually the main protagonist in the Street Fighter series. He is a very skilled martial artist who trains a lot. He is focused on becoming the strongest fighter that he can be. Ryu is probably one of the easiest characters to dress up in since his outfit is not that hard to copy or recreate. He is very well-known to be wearing his martial arts uniform.

For this cosplay set, you will get the full costume of Ryu’s character. His full costume will come with a white karate uniform that includes a top with the sleeves torn off and white pants. It will also include red gloves, a red band that you will tie up on your head, and a black belt. Since Ryu has short black hair, this set will also come with a short black wig in case you need it.

About Ryu Render Costume

Ryu is considered as a silent, meek, and humble individual that is very respectful to people. He also has a goofy and lighthearted personality in him and is always looking to train to become stronger. Since this character loves to train and has a goal of becoming the strongest, his appearance is very reflective of that. His white karate uniform clearly shows that he is a martial artist and is always ready for a fight.

Despite his simple and obvious outfit, there’s still a certain flair and appeal to with the character’s appearance. As you can see from the cosplay photos, Ryu’s simple outfit can still look tough and intimidating with the right pose, background, and props. You can see that posing in a fighting stance, together with a mean look, fits well with the character’s outfit. So be sure that you will be ready with that fighting pose and fighting face when you dress up as Ryu.

Cosplayers: Metalslimer, JoelXero

best Ryu cosplay

Street Fighter Cammy Costume DIY

cammy cosplay guide

1. Full Cammy Costume                              Check Price

2. Long Blonde Wig that’s Braided           Check Price

3. Red Beret                                                   Check Price

4. Sleeveless Green Leotard                       Check Price

5. Black Combat Boots                                Check Price

6. Red EVA Gauntlets                                  Check Price

The Best Street Fighter Cammy Cosplay Ideas

Cammy is the second female fighter in the Street Fighter series after Chun Li. She used to be a deadly assassin for Shadaloo before breaking free and working for the British government as an MI6 operative. When it comes to outfits and appearances, Cammy’s usually wear a leotard thong with various colors. She has worn different outfits, but the leotard is her most common one.

This cosplay set comes with Cammy’s full costume. This includes a sleeveless green leotard thong, along with black combat boots, the red EVA gauntlets, and the red beret. Cammy also has a long blonde hair that is braided, which is why this set will also come with a long blonde wig that is braided to represent the character’s hairstyle. The character doesn’t wear any pants, but she does have camouflage paint on her legs that represents the color of the leotard that she is wearing.

About Cammy Costume

As a member of the British Government’s elite forces, Cammy has a determined, strong, and forceful personality. She also has a firm sense of justice but is still friendly, respectful, and polite, especially to people she knows and cares about. But don’t let her friendly personality fool you, as she can be very brutal and disdainful to people she doesn’t like.

Similar to a lot of characters in Street Fighter, her appearance is a great representation of her personality and characteristics. If you look at the cosplay outfit, you can see that her green leotard and camouflaged legs fit well with her background in being an assassin and a military elite force. The outfit is also able to show the sexy and beautiful side of the character. This shows that underneath all of her skills and abilities as an assassin and elite military agent, she is still a woman.

Cosplayers: Holly BrookeZettai-Cosplay

best Cammy cosplay

Street Fighter Akuma Costume DIY

akuma cosplay guide

1. Full Akuma Costume                               Check Price

2. Short Red Wig                                          Check Price

3. Prayer Beads Necklace                            Check Price

4. Rope Belt                                                   Check Price

5. Akuma shoes                                             Check Price

6. Akuma Small Figure                                Check Price

The Best Akuma of Street Fighter Cosplay Ideas

Akuma, which translates to a malicious fire spirit in Japanese folklore, is a recurring antagonist in the Street Fighter series. He is considered as one of the most powerful characters in the video game and an emotionless human. He is very focused on mastering the Satsui no Hado. Dressing up as this character is not hard since it is similar to what Ryu wears with just different variations.

The cosplay set comes with Akuma’s full costume. This will include the full dark blue karate outfit with a top that has its sleeves torn off and pants. It also includes training gauntlets, a rope that will be used as a belt, and a prayer beads necklace. To complete the outfit, it also comes with brown slippers and Akuma’s red hair that is brushed up. This cosplay set also comes with a small Akuma figure that you can display in your bedroom or office desk.


About Akuma Costume

Akuma is not really part of the original characters of the Street Fighter series, as his creation started as an April Fool’s joke. Though the character’s creation started out as a joke, Akuma is no laughing matter. He is considered one of the most powerful characters in Street Fighter, which makes dealing with him in the games a handful. Despite the character being an enemy, he became a fan favorite because of his appearance and power.

There are a lot of people who choose to dress up as Akuma for conventions, costume parties, and photo shoots. Despite having a simple outfit, Akuma’s overall appearance really makes him a badass villain. Just check out the cosplay photos, and you can see how tough and menacing you will look like if dress up like Akuma. You can choose to wear his complete karate uniform or go topless to add more drama to your outfit.

Cosplayers: MetalslimerCodeblackcosplay

best Akuma cosplay


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