The Complete Guide for Danganronpa Chiaki Nanami Cosplay

Chiaki Nanami is one of the main characters of Danganronpa, a video game about high school students that are forced to participate in a murder game. The character made her first appearance in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, the second installment of the video game series. She is also known as the Ultimate Gamer in the series because of her love and knowledge about games.

Chiaki is very talented in all games, even the bad ones. She finds a way to enjoy any game that she is playing and believes that games are played to have fun and not to win. Some fans also consider Chiaki as the most popular character in the second installment of Danganronpa. That’s because she turned out to be the traitor of the whole program, which bought hope for the high school students. She’s also pretty, making her a great choice to cosplay as. This article is a Chiaki Nanami cosplay guide.

Danganronpa Chiaki Nanami Cosplay Tutorial

danganronpa chiaki nanami cosplay tutorial

1. Full Chiaki Nanami Costume                 Check Price

2. Chiaki Nanami Hoodie                            Check Price

3. Pink Cat-like Backpack                            Check Price

4. Chiaki Nanami Wig                                  Check Price

5. Thigh-length Black Socks                       Check Price

6. Pink School Shoes                                    Check Price

The Best Chiaki Nanami of the Danganronpa Cosplay Ideas

As one of the leading roles in the Danganronpa franchise, Chiaki Nanami made her first appearance in the second installment of the video game series and was again an essential character in the third installment.

This Chiaki Nanami cosplay guide will feature her full costume. It consists of a white polo blouse black design at the middle to cover the buttons and white skirt. It also comes with a dark teal-grey hoodie cardigan that has a symbol on the chest pocket and pointed ears on the top of the hood with two eye-like markings. The costume also comes with a pair of thigh-length black socks and a medium-length white wig for the character’s hair. The collection is completed with a couple of pink shoes and a pink cat-like bag. You’ll also get a green hoodie jacket that is similar to Chiaki’s cardigan as daily wear.

About Chiaki Nanami Costume

Chiaki Nanami is usually quiet and has a sleepy disposition. But when you start talking about games, she becomes livelier and active. It’s also hard to talk to her when she is playing because she concentrates hard on the game. Despite being known as the Ultimate Gamer, Chiaka doesn’t play to win. She believes it is more important to have fun when you play games.

A lot of fans of the series, especially the Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, consider her as the game’s most popular character.  She is a pretty character, which makes her a hot choice for ladies to dress up as. That's because she turned out to be traitor in the murder game system, providing the students with the hope that they can escape it. Her attractive appearance is also another a lot of people like her. If you look at the Chiaki Nanami cosplay photos, you can see that she does have an attractive presentation, which any girl can achieve if they dress up like her.

Cosplayers: SilvyJunKitakichan

danganronpa Chiaki Nanami cosplay

Danganronpa Chiaki Nanami Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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