The DIY Guide To Cosplay Junko Enoshima Of Danganronpa

Junko Enoshima is one of the main characters in Danganronpa, a video game franchise that follows a group of high school students that were forced to participate in a murder game. Junko plays the role of a villain in the series. She is the main villain in the Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc game and in the anime, while playing as a recurring one in the other games.

Junko is a student at Hope’s Peak Academy and is part of Class 78. She is also known as the Ultimate Fashionista, wearing heavy makeup and always changing her appearance depending on her mood. Despite being a villain, fans of the Danganronpa franchise has a lot of respect for Junk Enoshima. She was the franchise’s best villain. It makes this female villain a good option for ladies who are looking to cosplay characters from the Danganronpa franchise. This article is a Junko Enoshima cosplay guide.

Danganronpa: Junko Enoshima Cosplay Guide

danganronpa junko enoshima cosplay ideas

1. Full Junko Enoshima Costume              Check Price

2. Twin Bear Hoodie Jacket                        Check Price

3. Junko Enoshima Wig                               Check Price

4. Junko Enoshima hair clips                     Check Price

5. Junko Enoshima boots                            Check Price

6. Twin Bear Plush Doll                               Check Price

The Best Junko Enoshima of Danganronpa Cosplay Guide

Junko Enoshima is one of the main characters of the Danganronpa series. She is the main villain in one of the series’ games and anime, and she plays a recurring villain in the others. She is also a popular character, despite being a villain and a lot of fans of the series also voted her as the franchise’s best villain. It makes Junko a good option for ladies to dress up as. Though she wears a lot of different outfits, she does have an outfit that she usually wears.

In this Junko Enoshima cosplay guide, we will feature her usual outfit. It consists of a white dress shirt with a red pleated mini skirt and a black cardigan that has the symbols of her former school and a red ribbon attached on the left. The costume includes a pair of black boots with red lace, twin bear hairpins, and a long white wig in Junko’s hairstyle. The cosplay set will also come with a twin bear plush doll and a twin bear hoodie jacket.


About Danganronpa Junko Enoshima Costume

Junko Enoshima is one of the main villains in the Danganronpa series. She is a high school student and is known as an Ultimate Fashionista due to her appearance and constant changing of outfits and looks. Junko also has a charismatic personality and is someone who is not fake and eager to try new things. She is a bit of an airhead and hot-tempered, especially when she was first introduced.

Junko’s behavior is also erratic and unstable and is someone that is easily bored. That is why she constantly changes mood and appearance because staying in one state bores her to death. Even if Junko is a villain she is still a good option for ladies to dress up as. If you look at the Junko Enoshima cosplay photos, you can clearly see that the Ultimate Fashionista title fits Junko perfectly with she looks and dresses.

Cosplayer: Komar_eugeneSachusugar

junko enoshima cosplay

Danganronpa Junko Enoshima Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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