How To Get the Popular Run D.M.C. Costume

Run D.M.C. is a hip hop trio that originated from the U.S. in the 1980s and was one of the most influential hip hop groups in history. The group consists of Joseph “Run” Simmons, Darryl “D.M.C.” Mc Daniels, and Jason “Master Jay” Mizell. The hip hop trio achieved a lot of awards and accolades during their time together, earning the first gold album and platinum record in the genre.

The Run D.M.C. group was also part of the greatest musical artists of all time, and they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009. This article is a Run D.M.C. cosplay guide.

The Run D.M.C. Costume Tutorial

run dmc costume diy

1. Run D.M.C. Jacket                                    Check Price

2. Black Track Pants                                     Check Price

3. Black Run D.M.C. Hat                             Check Price

4. Run D.M.C. Glasses                                 Check Price

5. White Rubber Shoes                                Check Price

6. Gold Chain Necklace                               Check Price


The Best Run D.M.C. Cosplay Ideas

Dressing up as the Run D.M.C. group gives you several options since there are three of them in the group. Though the trio wears different clothes, the styles of their outfits are almost similar. They also have an affinity to wear black bucket hats and large gold necklaces. This guide will feature one of the usual outfits that a member of Run D.M.C. wears.

It consists of a black track top with matching black track pants that the “Run” usually wears. The cosplay set will also include a pair of white rubber shoes that is the constant footwear of the hip hop trio. There is also a large gold necklace in the cosplay set, which all three Run D.M.C. members wear. The outfit is completed with the iconic black bucket hat that the trio is known for. The cosplay set also includes an eyeglass in case you want to dress up as D.M.C. since he is known to wear glasses.

About Run D.M.C. Costume

The Run D.M.C. hip hop group is one of the popular groups in their genre due to their achievements in the music industry and the influence that they had. The group was the first one to show how important the relationship of a DJ and MC during a performance. They were also nominated for a Grammy Award, the first to earn a multiple platinum certificate, the first hip hop group to play in MTV, and many more.

That is why Run D.M.C. is still popular, even to this day. Their accomplishments and influence are something that always benefits the new generation of hip hop artists and fans. That is why the trio is also a good cosplay option if you’re planning to go to a costume party or do a photoshoot. If you take a look at the cosplay photos, you can see that dressing up as these hip hop artists is a great idea. It doesn’t matter who among them you try to cosplay since all three bring something unique. You can even get a few friends to dress up as the entire Run D.M.C. group.

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