The Complete Guide To Fate Stay Night Cosplay

Fate Stay Night is a visual novel that later had a manga and anime adaptation. The book focuses on the story of Shirou Emiya, an amateur magus teenager who works very hard. He was also unwillingly thrust to participate in the Fifth Holy Grail War, which is a tournament to the death. For this article, we’ll be discussing the other characters of Fate Stay Night and how to cosplay like them.

Another main character in this series is Saber, who is the Heroine of Shirou in the war. She is a saber-class hero and wields a sword called Excalibur. The Saber-class is the most outstanding class of heroes. The next main female character in the series is Rin Tohsaka, who is also a participant in the Fifth Holy Grail War.  She is the Master of Archer, an archer-class hero who is a master marksman. Archer is also Shirou Emiya in an alternate future.

The other main character Gilgamesh, considered as a half-god half-human king, is one of the main antagonists of Fate Stay Night. One of his abilities allows him to summon weapons from his Gate of Babylon and fire them as arrows to his target. Let’s show you how to cosplay as the Fate Stay Night characters without sewing.

  1. Saber
  2. Rin Tohsaka
  3. Archer
  4. Gilgamesh

Fate Stay Night Saber Cosplay Guide

Fate stay night saber cosplay guide

Parts you may need:

1. Sabor Wig                                                  Check Price

2. Blue Long Dress                                       Check Price

3. Knee-length Boots                                   Check Price

4. Uniform Dress                                          Check Price

5. Excalibur Sword                                       Check Price


The Best Saber of Fate Stay Night Cosplay Ideas

Saber is Shirou Emiya’s Servant and her real identity is Arturia Pendragon or Arthur Pendragon, which is more commonly known as King Arthur. Though she is a female, King Arthur was regarded as a male in history and a legendary hero in Britain known as the King of Knights. For this cosplay set, you’ll be getting the two outfits that Saber has been known to wear.

One of the outfits is the traditional dress she wears underneath her armor, which is a long-sleeved blue dress that has a white design in the middle of the skirt and a blue corset on top of a white shirt for the top. The full outfit comes with the knee-length boots. Her other outfit is a long-sleeved white shirt with blue strings tied into a bow and a knee-length blue skirt. To complete the cosplay set, you will also get a short blonde wig and her weapon, the Excalibur Sword.

About Saber Costume

Saber is known as a strong-willed young woman that is also courageous on winning the Holy Grail war. Though she is a young woman, she always insists that she is first a knight and her gender doesn’t matter. This dedication to her status as a knight makes the fact that she doesn’t want to be treated like a woman or as a human being. Despite this, Saber is an attractive woman and is probably one of the most popular characters in Fate Stay Night.

Though she doesn’t dress elegantly or like a usual woman, Saber still looks good wearing her knight armor or stylish outfit. Looking through the Saber cosplay photos, you can see that these two outfits both show the character’s beauty and grace. It also shows Saber’s tough side, which sends a message that she is not someone you would want to mess with.

Cosplayer: MaridahYui

best saber cosplay

Fate Stay Night Rin Tohsaka Cosplay Guide

rin tohsaka cosplay guide

Parts you may need:

1. Full Rin Cosplay                                       Check Price

2. Rin Tohsaka Wig                                      Check Price

3. Rin’s Necklace                                          Check Price

4. Long Black Socks                                     Check Price

5. Brown Leather Shoes                              Check Price


The Best Rin Tohsaka of Fate Stay Night Cosplay Tutorial

Rin Tohsaka belongs to one of the families that started the Holy Grail Wars. Her family possesses the second most potent Spiritual Powers, allowing their family to have significant influence in the Mage Association as well as the Church. When it comes to cosplay Rin, there are a variety of outfits to choose from, considering she wore a lot of different outfits throughout the series.

But for this cosplay set, we’ll be including her usual outfit. It consists of a red long sleeve turtle top with a white cross symbol on the chest. The costume will also include a black skirt, long black socks, and brown leather flat shoes. The Rin cosplay set will even come with a long black wig styled in Rin’s signature hairstyle. The full cosplay set also comes with Rin’s pendant, which she used to summon Archer.

About Rin Tohsaka Costume

Rin Tohsaka is a well-admired student at her school, as people see her as someone who is prim and proper. In reality, though, she is bossy, stingy, and shrewd but means well for the people she cares for. She puts up a different front so that people wouldn’t have to pry into her life and discover who she really is. Since she belongs to a wealthy and well-known family, Rin has been shown as someone who dresses appropriately.

Rin's favorite outfit, though, is her red turtleneck top with black skirt. And if you look at the Rin cosplay photos, you can see that this outfit is still a good representation of who Rin is. She is an attractive young woman who also wields a dominant Spiritual Power. You can see that she is someone you should never underestimate in a battle, considering the power she possesses.

Cosplayers: May Sakaali, Starbuxx

best rin tohsaka cosplay

Fate Stay Night Archer Cosplay Guide

fate stay night archer cosplay guide

1. Full Archer Costume                                Check Price

2. Archer Wig                                                Check Price

3. Archer Sword Set                                     Check Price

4. Shin-length Boots                                    Check Price

5. Archer-Inspired Hoodie Jacket             Check Price


The Best Archer of Fate Stay Night Cosplay Ideas

Archer is Rin’s servant, and he is an archer-class hero who is also a skilled marksman. But his real identity is that he is Shirou Emiya in an alternate future. He became a Counter Guardian for the World and was summoned by Rin through the pendant he had that Rin used to save his life before. This character has a prominent outfit in the Fate Stay Night series, which we will discuss in this cosplay guide.

The set comes with his full costume, which is called the Red Plain Mystic Code. The costume includes the black body armor he wears, which is a black tight sleeveless shirt that has a silver design that traces his muscles. It also includes black pants and his signature red coat, which is a type of holy shroud. The costume comes with the shin-length armor boots and short white wig, representing Archer’s hair. The set also includes the character’s set sword and an Archer-inspired hoodie jacket.

About Archer Costume

As the alternate future version of Shirou Emiya, Archer’s goal in the present timeline is to kill the present Shirou to prevent him from becoming a Counter Guardian and make the same mistakes he did in his life. He is capable of being nice but is also sarcastic, especially when it comes to giving advice. He doesn’t lie, but he tells half-truths and keeps secrets. Archer is also not a fan of Shirou’s quest to become the Hero of Justice, but he cannot deny it as well.

The beauty of Archer from Fate Stay Night cosplay is that both man and woman can cosplay it. Looking into the Archer cosplay photos, you can see that dressing up as Archer will look good on both man and woman. As a man, the character is a robust and confident looking Hero. While as a woman, the character becomes fierce and sexy.

Cosplayers: MarinyanCosplayROADscream

best archer cosplay

Fate Stay Night Gilgamesh Cosplay Guide

fate stay night gilgamesh cosplay guide

1. Gilgamesh Costume with Armor           Check Price

2. Gilgamesh Wig                                         Check Price

3. Gilgamesh Figure                                     Check Price

4. Ea Sword                                                    Check Price

5. Black Uniform                                           Check Price


The Best Gilgamesh of Fate Stay Night Cosplay Ideas

Gilgamesh is an archer-class Hero and the Servant of Tokiomi Tohsaka, Rin Tohsaka’s father, during the Fourth Holy Grail War. He became the Servant of Kirei Kotomine, having a contract with him that lasts ten years. Gilgamesh is a half-god half-human king during his time, which was the years before Jesus Christ was born.

The Gilgamesh cosplay set provides two options to dress up as this character. One is his gold armor, which includes gold plated armor that has black lines all over that covers his entire body. Underneath the helmet is a black long sleeve shirt. The costume comes with his magical sword called Ea. The other option is a black uniform outfit, which consists of a black crop jacket on top of a white long sleeve shirt and black pants. The set also comes with the short blonde wig and a Gilgamesh figure wearing the gold armor.

About Gilgamesh Costume

Being considered as a king, Gilgamesh differs significantly from a lot of leaders, as he puts more importance in himself than with his people or nation. He is also described to have perfect looks and perfect body, along with a charismatic personality that makes people attracted or drawn to him. It makes people think that he is half-god and half-human. His perfection makes him confident about himself and his abilities, allowing him to be arrogant even when he is combat.

The beauty of cosplaying Gilgamesh is that it looks good on both man and woman. Dressing up as Gilgamesh will work well regardless of whether you are a man or woman. What you need is to have the perfect look and body, to personify his god-like physique and appearance.

Cosplayers: ElffiCosplay0kasane0

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Fate Stay Night Saber Makeup Tutorial


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