The Top 5 Simple Ways to DIY RWBY Cosplay

RWBY is an American anime web series that was released in 2013. It is set in a fantasy world called Remnant where people battle against monsters called Grimm. Starting out young, people in this world train to become warriors called the Huntsmen and Huntress that has the ability to fight and defeat these monsters.

The RWBY anime series focuses on a team of four women, which the initials of the title came from, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long. The series follows the lives of these four girls, from their meeting at Beacon Academy, one of the prestigious schools that train young people to be Hunters or Huntresses, to their many adventures together battling monsters and villains alike. Since these four are the main characters, they are also the popular choice when it comes to cosplaying characters from this series, along with the villain Neo, who is part of the Cinder Faction and a recurring character in Season 3 of the series.

Cosplaying characters in the RWBY anime series is a treat for a lot of women because of the beautiful and fashionable outfits that the characters wear, along with their deadly weapons of choice. Each character has their unique appearance and color, making anyone who cosplays the characters stand out. Let’s show you the detail RWBY cosplay ideas of each key character one by one.

  1. Ruby Rose
  2. Weiss Schnee
  3. Blake Belladonna
  4. Yang Xiao Long
  5. Neopolitan

The RWBY Ruby Rose Costume Guide

ruby cosplay guide

Parts you may need:

1. Ruby Rose Post-Time Skip Costume    Product Page

2. Black Boots with Red Lace                     Check Price

3. Ruby Wig with Red Highlights              Check Price

4. Crescent Rose Weapon                           Check Price

5. Ruby Rose Emblem Sticker                    Check Price


The Best Ruby Rose Cosplay Ideas

Ruby Rose is probably considered by many as the main protagonists of the RBWY anime series. Her weapon of choice is a high-caliber sniper scythe called the Crescent Rose. Ruby Rose has worn a lot of different outfits throughout the anime series, almost changing attire every new season. But for this cosplay set, the Ruby Rose costume will be her post-time skip outfit.

This set will include the white blouse that has brown wristbands on the arms. On top of the white blouse is a black dress that looks like an overbust corset that has red strips on it. The costume comes with black boots that have red lace. For the set’s accessories, it will include Ruby Rose’s scythe called the Crescent Rose and a short black wig that has red highlights at the tips. This set also comes with the Ruby Rose emblem sticker.

About Ruby Rose Costume

Ruby Rose is undoubtedly one of the powerful characters in the RWBY anime series, considering she can wield a dangerous and powerful weapon such as the Crescent Rose. But aside from strength and power, she is also a great leader being able to command respect from her teammates and directing them properly when they are in battle, which is why she is a popular choice for women when they are looking for a great character to cosplay in.

But her personality and power are not the only reason she is a good choice. If you look at the cosplay photos, you can see how Ruby Rose’s appearance puts the words stylish and fashionable into a powerful anime character. It goes to show that anime characters that are powerful enough to be able to wield a scythe expertly don’t have to look like a barbaric and muscle-headed freak necessarily. It can also be a beautiful and stylish female.

Cosplayer: Sorairo-DaysFDPNovaVandorwolfShiroki Cosplay

Ruby Cosplay

The RWBY Weiss Schnee Costume Guide

Weiss Schnee cosplay guide

1. Weiss Post-Time Skip Full Costume    Product page

2. Weiss Snowpea Full Costume               Check Price

3. Weiss Full Original Costume                 Check Price

4. Long White Wig                                       Check Price

5. Myrtenaster Rapier                                 Check Price

6. Bluish White Boots                                  Check Price


The Best Weiss Schnee Cosplay Ideas

Weiss Schnee is one of the main protagonists of the RWBY anime series. Her nickname is Ice Queen or Little Snowflake because of her appearance and outfit.

This cosplay set has 3 of Weiss’ outfits. The set would include post-time skip costume, which is a short dress that has the colors blue and pale blue on them. It also includes a white ribbon wrapped around her waist and a sleeved blue shrug attached on the collar. The second outfit in this set is known as the Snowpea dress, which is a white jacket that has black cuffs. Underneath it is a skirt that has black lace trim.

The last outfit in this set is Weiss’ original outfit, which is a strapless dress that is colored faint blue and white. It also comes with a bell-sleeved bolero and a white sash tied around her waist. To complete the set, you will also get a long white wig, Weiss rapier called Myrtenaster and her bluish white boots.

About Weiss Schnee Costume

Weiss Schnee is nicknamed the Ice Queen, not only because of her appearance but also because of her cold nature and strict attitude. This personality is due to her lonely upbringing and stressful life. Despite her strictness and cold nature, she learned to warm up to her teammates eventually. When it comes to dressing up as Weiss, you will have several choices, as she has worn several great outfits throughout the series.

Looking at the cosplay photos, you can’t go wrong with either outfit as each one has their flare and appeal. The first and original outfit likely represents her nickname more as the Ice Queen with its almost all white appearance. Her post-time skip outfit is likely considered as the most versatile appearance, considering it is the outfit with the most basic appearance. Despite its basic appearance, it is still a good representation of Weiss’ personality and aura.

Cosplayers: Calssara.Cosplay, Kenpai CosplayMisstunatun

weiss cosplay

The RBWY Blake Belladonna Cosplay Guide

Blake Belladonna cosplay guide

Parts you may need:

1. Blake Post-Time Skip Full Costume     Product Page

2. Blake Original Full Costume                 Check Price

3. Black Boots                                               Check Price

4. Long Black Wig                                        Check Price

5. Gambol Shroud Weapon                        Check Price


The Best Blake Belladonna Cosplay Ideas

Blake Belladonna is a Faunus, which is one of the intelligent races in the Remnant world. Unlike humans, Faunus has animal traits, and for Blake, it’s cat ears. For this cosplay set, you will get two of Blake’s outfits. The first outfit would be the post-time skip outfit, which is a long white tailcoat that has grey lining and a crop top that has diamond-shaped cutouts. To complete this costume, you will also need black pants and a white belt.

The other outfit is her original costume, which is a black vest that has short coattails and a silver button on the front. Underneath the vest is a white sleeveless top. Completing the outfit will be the white shorts. For the accessories, you will be getting a long black wig, black boots, and Blake’s choice of weapon, which is a ballistic chain scythe called the Gambol Shroud, it’s like a whip blade.

About Blake Belladonna Costume

Blake Belladonna started as a member of White Fang, a Faunus terrorist group before becoming a hero and huntress herself. She is described as someone who is serious, cool, and reserved, but with a sense of humor. Dressing up as Blake comes down to whether you want to wear pants or shorts.

The post-time skip costume outfit uses pants while the original costume uses shorts. If you look at the cosplay photos, you can see how appealing, fashionable and sexy Blake’s original outfit is. It is a good outfit for women who are looking to dress like a sexy but fierce heroine. But this doesn’t mean that her post-time skip outfit is not a good outfit to wear. It still actually has a sexy side with its crop top and fashionable appearance with its long white tailcoat. So regardless of the costume you choose, you will still look sexy and fashionable.

Cosplayers: Shiro CosplayEnyenCos

Blake Cosplay

The RWBY Yang Xiao Long Costume Guide

Yang Xiao Long cosplay guide

1. Full Post-Time Skip Battle Costume    Check Price

2. Full Original Costume                            Check Price

3. Dark Brown Boots                                    Check Price

4. Long Blonde Wig                                     Check Price

5. Ember Celica Weapon                             Check Price


The Best Yang Xiao Long Cosplay Ideas

Yang Xiao Long is one of the main protagonists of RWBY and the most aggressive fighter out of the other three members of the team. It makes cosplaying this character a favorite among those who prefer a more aggressive heroine.

For this cosplay set, you will be getting Yang’s post-time skip battle outfit and her original outfit. The post-time skip costume includes a tan jacket that has orange and gold designs and rectangular tails, dark brown short sleeves, a thick collar, and an orange crop top. Completing the outfit will be the black pants. For her original costume, the set comes with a tan jacket that has a gold design and short, puffy sleeves with black cuffs. Underneath is a yellow crop top.

To complete the cosplay set, you may also need a long blonde wig, dark brown boots, and her choice of weapon, which is a pair of dual ranged shot gauntlets called Ember Celica.


About Yang Xiao Long Costume

One of the major differences that Yang has with the other members of the team RWBY is her choice of weapons. All three are wielding weapons that have some blade in them, while Yang’s is a pair of dual shot gauntlets. But it is a fit weapon for her, as she likes to fight barehanded.  She uses the explosive shots of the gauntlet and combines it with her fists, making her suitable for close or mid-range combat.

Her cosplay outfit, regardless of the version you choose, is also a good fit for her fighting style. As you can see from the cosplay photos, Yang’s appearance makes for a great photoshoot of good looking female characters that are great at hand-to-hand combat. Her stylish outfit, combined with the gauntlet weapon presents a heroine that can be aggressive and fierce but still good looking and fashionable.

Cosplayers: Lumis Mirage CosplayFirecloak

Yang Cosplay

The Best RWBY Neo Costume Guide

RWBY Neo cosplay guide

1. Neo Full Costume                                     Check Price

2. Beacon Academy Uniform                      Check Price

3. White Boots with Black Heel and Tip   Check Price

4. Long Half Pink and Half Brown Wig     Check Price

5. Umbrella Weapon                                     Check Price


The Best Neo Cosplay Ideas

Neopolitan, or Neo for short, is one of the female antagonists in the RWBY anime series. One of her appeal to people is her unique appearance, which consists of having a hair that’s half pink and half brown, as well as eyes that can change in color.

For this cosplay set, you will be getting Neo’s original full costume, which is a white jacket that has a pink designed shirt inside, black gloves, and brown pants. You will also be getting a white boot that has a black design on the heels and tip. She also wears a brown corset underneath the jacket. For the accessories, you will be getting a long wig that is half pink and half brown, representing Neo’s unique hair, and an umbrella, which is her choice of weapon.

The set also comes with the Beacon Academy uniform, which is a black coat with white linings, a red lace tied in a ribbon at the neck, a black vest, and a red skirt with several lines to form a checkered-like design.

About Neo Costume

Neo is just one of the antagonists in the RWBY series, but she became popular because of her unique appearance, which is themed after the Neopolitan ice cream. This theme is the basis for Neo’s unique appearance, as she sports the colors brown, pink, and white. This theme can be seen on the character’s outfit, as well as on the color of her hair. Now, you might think that an anime character that uses three different colors for her appearance might be difficult to achieve and won’t look good.

But, as you can see from the cosplay photos, Neo’s unique appearance is not that hard to achieve, if you have the right items for it, like what is included in this cosplay set. Her unique appearance also didn’t take the beauty and stylish look of RWBY characters, as Neo is just as fashionable and beautiful looking like a lot of the female characters in the series.

Cosplayers: Lumis Mirage CosplayFirecloak

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Neo cosplay

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