How to Cosplay Sinon of Sword Art Online

When it comes to cosplay characters of Sword Art Online, Kirito Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki are probably the two characters that would come to mind. And why not, considering they are the main characters of the anime series. But those two are not the only characters in the series, as there are other good characters that you can cosplay in.

One such character is Asada Shino who uses thee avatar called Sinon in the Sword Art Online series. This character first appeared in the alternate series Gun Gale Online. She again later appeared in the ALfheim Online series, as well as in the Ordinal Scale movie. She is considered as a skilled Virtual Reality game player who specializes in using ranged weapons like guns and bow and arrows.

The appearance of Asada’s avatar, Sinon, varies in the series. In Gun Gale Online and ALfheim Online, the character has blue hair, while in Ordinal Scale she sports a black hair. She carries a gun in both Ordinal Scale and Gun Gale Online, while she uses a bow and arrow in ALfheim Online. Her outfits are usually green, except for her appearance in Gun Gale Online, and she wears black shorts to go with it. Let's review how to cosplay Simon one by one.

  1. ALfheim Online Sinon Cosplay
  2. Gun Gale Online Sinon Cosplay
  3. Ordinal Scale Sinon Cosplay

Sword Art Online Sinon ALfheim Online Costume Guide

ALO Shino Cosplay Guide

Items you will need:

1. ALO Full Costume                                    Check Price

2. Calf Length Shoes                                    Check Price

3. Short Blue Wig                                         Check Price

4. Figure                                                         Check Price


Best Sword Art Online Sinon ALfheim Online Cosplay Guide

In the Sword Art Online ALfhein Online arc, Sinon maintains the blue hair from her Gun Gale Online days. But her appearance here is different, as Asada Shino’s avatar is not in human form. she has chosen the Caith Sith race for Sinon, which gives her blue cat-like ears and a tail. Her full costume in this series consists of a green coat with white chest armor, a black choker, and a belted quiver across the shoulders.

You will also be wearing black boots, a short blue wig, and blue cat ears to complete the appearance. This cosplay set also comes with a Sinon ALfheim Online figure, which you can display anywhere you want. If you prefer to carry a weapon, the character uses a Bow called the Light Bow Shekinah.

About Sinon ALfheim Online Costume

Sinon also made her appearance in the ALfheim Online game. But instead of carrying a sniper rifle, the character uses a bow and arrow to take advantage of her marksmanship skills. Even if you are not carrying a gun and you are sporting cat-like ears, you will still look pretty much like the gun-wielding anime character.

As you can see from the cosplay photos, this outfit still brings out Sinon’s pretty and elegant appearance combined with her ready-to shoot look when she is in battle. Carrying a bow and arrow is actually a good compliment to this outfit because of the cat-like appearance and if you’ll be wearing this costume outdoors in the forest.

Cosplayers: Natsu-cchiTinucosplay

SAO Sinon Gun Gale Online Costume Guide

GGO Asada Shino Cosplay Guide

Items you will need:

1. Sinon GGO Costume                              Product Page

2. Black Combat Shoes                              Check Price

3. Short Blue Wig                                        Check Price

4. Prop Gun                                                  Check Price

5. Figure                                                        Check Price


Best Sword Art Online Sinon Gun Gale Online Cosplay Guide

The Gun Gale Online is an alternate to the Sword Art Online virtual game and emphasizes more on gun usage. This is why the majority of players who play in this virtual game use guns, including Asada Shino. She has an avatar called Sinon, and was considered as the best marksman in the game. With her popularity, she is also a favorite choice for a lot of people to cosplay in.

Now, to dress up like Sinon, you would need her desert-colored military jacket, her bulletproof armor, which also has the same color and her black combat boots. For the accessory, you will have the short blue wig and her main weapon, the Hectate Sniper Rifle. This cosplay set also comes with a Sinon figurine that you can display.

About Sinon Gun Gale Online Costume

If you’re looking for a pretty but tough-looking and gun-wielding anime character, then Sinon of Sword Art Online: Gun Gale Online is the character you are looking for. She was able to show in the series that she is a skilled marksman, able to defeat several opponents stealthily. She was actually named as the best sniper in the series.

And if you think to carry a big sniper rifle around will make you look less pretty, just check out the cosplay photos of Sinon. It clearly shows her outfit is a great match for the sniper rifle she is carrying and somehow sends a message that she is sexy but she also means business.

Cosplayers: Rundaria.cos, Alex

Best GGO Sinon Cosplay

SAO Sinon Ordinal Scale Costume Guide


Items you will need:

1. Full Costume                                              Check Price

2. Black Stockings                                         Check Price

3. Military shoes                                            Check Price

4. Short Grey Wig                                          Check Price

5. Prop Sniper Rifle                                       Check Price

6. Clear Lens Glasses                                    Check Price


Best Sword Art Online Sinon Ordinal Scale Cosplay Guide

Asada Shino’s Sinon avatar also made an appearance in the Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale movie. Her role here, though, is not as major as the other characters, but she still played an important role in helping Kirito Kirigaya defeat the main boss and finish the game.

To cosplay her, you would need her Augma uniform, which is a green military top with a thick black stripe in the middle. She also wears knee-length black socks and military shoes to complete her outfit. When it comes to the accessories, there really isn’t a lot, since you will only need a black wig and her sniper rifle. You can also choose to wear glasses if you want since Sinon wears glasses in the movie.

About Sinon Ordinal Scale Costume

The best sniper in the Gun Gale Online also made an appearance in the Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale movie. She was a big help to Kirito during the movie, using her marksmanship to help and support Kirito in his quest.

The beauty of the Sinon character in the Ordinal Scale movie is that her appearance is very flexible. You can see in the cosplay photos that you can look pretty and elegant, as well as tough and combat ready. You can also choose to carry her traditional sniper rifle or just a handgun. Since this outfit is a military uniform, either weapon will go well as an accessory to the costume.

Cosplayers: K & AlyMikado Pounia

Best Ordinal Scale Sinon Cosplay

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