The Complete DIY Guide for No Game No Life Cosplay

No Game No Life is a novel that turned into a manga and anime series. It centers on the characters, Sora and Shiro, step-siblings that are very good at online games. A god from a different reality challenged them to a game of chess, which they won, allowing them to live in a world that centers on games. This article will be a No Game No Life cosplay guide, focusing on the two main characters, Sora and Shiro.

The new world that they are living in is called Disboard, where citizens are prohibited from harming one another. All discords should be settled through the games to enforce the rules and rewards. The step-siblings traveled to Elkia, the world where humans lived and learned of its decline. When they became ruler of that world after winning the tournament, they set out to challenge other worlds as human’s representatives to challenge Tet to a game.

Cosplaying Sora and Shiro is not that hard to do, considering you only have one choice to choose from on their outfits. So you can concentrate on trying to imitate the look that they are known for.

No Game No Life Sora Cosplay Guide

no game no life sora cosplay guide

1. No Game No Life T-Shirt                        Check Price

2. Slim Pants                                                 Check Price

3. Sora Cosplay Shoes                                  Check Price

4. Sora Wig                                                    Check Price

5. Red Armband                                           Check Price

6. Sora and Shiro Lanyard                         Check Price

7. No Game No Life  Figure                       Check Price

The Best Sora of No Game No Life Cosplay Ideas

Sora is the male protagonist of the No Game No Life series, as the sibling that is cunning and manipulative. The character is also an excellent NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) hikikomori (shut-in) gamer together with his step-sister Shiro. They are known as Blank in the online gaming world, which is a term for a group of players.

This cosplay guide will come with his full costume to dress up like Sora. The Sora outfit will include his yellow t-shirt with the I Heart Humanity (written in Japanese characters) at the front and a dark blue long sleeve undershirt. It also comes with red and white sneakers, blue pants, a red armband, and a short red spikey wig for Sora’s hair. The set also comes with a Sora and Shiro lanyard and a small Sora doll figure that you can display.

About Sora Costume

Sora is not a very common NEET and hikikomori as he is a very confident person that is not afraid to play against people face to face. He is also extremely outgoing and is very good at manipulating people. He calls his manipulative skill as negotiating and diplomacy, which is a perfect compliment to his step-sister’s abilities, allowing them to form an almost unbeatable online gaming team.

Sora is a tall and lean young man, with a confident and sly grin on his face. He also has red eyes with dark bags under them because of excessive gaming. He is a great choice to dress up in if you are looking to dress up as a confident character. Looking at the cosplay photos, you can see Sora’s confidence in himself and his ability is always in full display, especially in how he carries himself.

Cosplayer: Downfall-cosplayValkyries Armoury, John Rey and Nechi

no game no life sora cosplay

No Game No Life Shiro Cosplay Guide

no game no life shiro cosplay guide

Parts you may need:

1. Full Shiro Costume                                 Check Price

2. Shiro Wig                                                 Check Price

3. Royal Crown                                            Check Price

4. Thigh-high Stockings                            Check Price

5. School Uniform Shoes                           Check Price


The Best Shiro of No Game No Life Cosplay Idea

Shiro is the youngest of the two siblings at only 11 years old. Like her brother, she is also a brilliant NEET hikikomori gamer that is good at logic and problems. Her combination of skills and genius compliments her brothers very well, allowing them to win in online gaming almost every time.

This guide will come with her full outfit and accessories to cosplay Shiro. The whole costume consists of a purple sailor school uniform that is a bit oversized for her along with a yellow scarf. The set also comes with thigh-length dark blue socks and black school shoes. To complete the outfit, the accessories that go with it will include a long light blue wig for Shiro’s hair and a royal crown that she wears on her head, representing her as the ruler of the Elkia world together with her brother.

About Shiro Costume

Shiro is very different from her brother in the sense that she has a difficult time understanding people’s emotions and behavior. She needs Sora’s help when she is battling with beings that have emotions. Shiro also talks in a third-person perspective and brief sentences, something that is odd considering her genius intellect. She is also shown to have a brother complex, showing signs of jealousy when Sora pays more attention to other girls.

Shiro is a pale skinned girl that is slim and has an average height for an eleven-year-old. Despite being young, her genius intellect allows her to stand toe to toe against older gamers. But Shiro is not just all about intelligence, as cosplaying her can still be attractive. If you look at the cosplay photos, you can see how this simple-looking character can be turned into a pretty and sexy style.

Cosplayer: MistzyPhiacosplayNkconecta

ngnl shiro cosplay

No Game No Life Shiro Makeup Tutorial

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