The Perfect DIY Guide of Selene Underworld Costume

Selene is one of the main characters of the Underworld franchise and the protagonists of the franchise’s movies. She is a former Death Dealer and the first Vampire-Corvinus Strain Hybrid. Selene is also currently a member of the Vampire Elders. She is the wife of Michael Corvin who is the first Vampire-Lycan hybrid, and the mother of Eve, their daughter.

As a former Death Dealer, Selene is a highly-skilled assassin that was trained to kill Lycans. Upon learning the truth about her family’s death and the Vampire-Lycan war, she killed the Vampire Elders Viktor and Marcus. She is also one of the powerful vampires in the franchise due to her hybrid status. This article is a Selene Underworld costume guide.

The Underworld Selene Cosplay Tutorial

selene underworld costume diy

Parts you may need

1. Full Selene Underworld Costume          Check Price

2. Black Selene Underworld Wig               Check Price

3. Black Leather Corset                                Check Price

4. Selene Boots                                              Check Price

5. Black Leg Gun Holster                             Check Price

6. Black Handgun Prop                                Check Price


The Best Selene of Underworld Cosplay Ideas

Selene has worn a lot of different outfits throughout her appearance in the Underworld Franchise. But her highly-skilled costume, and the one that a lot of fans like, is the black outfit she wore in the first Underworld movie. This guide will feature the gear that the character wore during the first movie of the franchise.

It consists of a black top with a black leather corset on top of it and a matching black tight leather pants. The set will also come with a black leather trench coat that Selene frequently wears throughout the movie. Included in the cosplay set are a black leg gun holster and a black handgun prop for the character’s accessories. The cosplay set is completed with a pair of black shin-length leather boots and a medium-length black wig in the hairstyle that Selene had in the Underworld movie.

About Selene Costume

Selene was a ruthless and cruel death dealer because she was led to believe that the Lycans was the one who murdered her entire family. She dedicated her life to exterminating all the living Lycans and make them extinct. Selene changed her conviction after learning the truth and focused more on her love for Vampire-Lycan hybrid Michael and their daughter Eve. She is also currently one of the powerful Vampires in the franchise due to the Vampire-Corvin Strain in her blood.

Selene is one of the coolest and badass female vampire characters out there. Her exceptional fighting skills, loyalty to her convictions and the truth, and her badass outfits make her a fan favorite. She is also one of the best vampire characters to cosplay as. If you look at the Selene cosplay photos, you can see that her badass outfit and pretty looks make for a great costume option. It makes any lady stand out and is a great cosplay choice when attending costume parties or going to comic conventions. Selene’s cosplay outfit is also an excellent look for doing photoshoots and modeling.

Underworld: Selene Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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