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Rock Lee is one of the characters of the Naruto anime series. He is one of the shinobi of the Konohagakure Village and a member of Team Guy. Lee is different from a lot of the shinobi since he isn’t capable of using genjutsu and ninjutsu. Instead of giving up on him or casting him aside, their teacher, Might Guy, took a special interest in Lee and promised to train him.

He promised to turn Lee into a taijutsu master to overcome his weakness. Rock Lee is one of the popular characters in Naruto, especially in the early parts of the story due to his determination and fighting spirit to keep on pushing forward. This article is a Rock Lee cosplay guide.

Naruto series | Rock Lee Cosplay Tutorial

rock lee cosplay

Parts you may need

1. Full Rock Lee Costume                            Check Price

2. White Leg Bandage                                  Check Price

3. Rock Lee Vest                                            Check Price

4. Rock Lee Wig                                             Check Price

5. Weapon Bag                                               Check Price

6. Black Nunchucks                                      Check Price

7. Rock Lee Action Figure                           Check Price

8. Black Ninja Sandals                                 Check Price


The Best Rock Lee of Naruto Cosplay Ideas

Like a lot of the characters of Naruto, Rock Lee also wore various outfit throughout the series. But unlike the others, his change in appearance is not as drastic as any of them. He wore an all-green suit and just added the Konoha green flak jacket. This guide will feature Rock Lee’s outfit.

Rock Lee wanted to look like his idol, Might Guy, so his appearance reflects that. His outfit consists of an all-green jumpsuit with a red belt and a pair of orange leg warmers. The set also comes with a green flak vest and bandages that Lee wears in both his arms and hand, as well as on the right leg. The cosplay set will also come with a short black wig for the character’s hairstyle, a black bag, black nunchucks for his weapon, and a pair of black ninja sandals. The cosplay collection also includes a Rock Lee action figure.

About Rock Lee Costume

Dressing up as Rock Lee almost like cosplaying Might Guy since their appearance is nearly the same. The character idolizes his teacher so much that he dressed like him, including copying his hairstyle. Despite mimicking one character, Lee was able to show his uniqueness throughout the series. He was also able to show how tough, hard-working and dedicated he could be, especially in his goal of becoming a taijutsu master.

That is why Rock Lee was one of the most popular characters in Naruto in the early parts of the entire series. It is also why he is one of the popular cosplay choices of people looking to dress up as Naruto characters. If you look at the Rock Lee cosplay photos, you can see that he is a good cosplay option if you are attending a costume party or comic convention. He is also a good cosplay option if you are a photoshoot of anime characters.

Naruto Rock Lee Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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