Your Full Guide of LoL Xayah Cosplay

Xayah is one of the playable characters in the online multiplayer game League of Legends. She is a Vastayan revolutionary that wages war to save her people. She is a deadly and precise warrior, using her deadly feather blades to strike down anyone who gets in her way. Xayah, and her lover and partner Rakan, fight the enemies to protect their tribe and restore their race to glory.

She is one of the best characters to use in League of Legends due to her severe damage and great team fighting capabilities. She is also a badass looking character, making her an excellent cosplay option. This article is a Xayah cosplay guide.

League of Legends Xayah Cosplay Tutorial

xayah cosplay DIY

Parts you may need

1. Full Xayah Costume                               Check Price

2. Xayah Wig with Long Horns                Check Price

3. Purple Feathers                                       Check Price

4. League of Legends Couple Rings         Check Price

5. Xayah Figure                                            Check Price


The Best Xayah from League of Legends Cosplay Ideas

There are a lot of different options when it comes to cosplaying Xayah since the character has worn various outfits throughout the game. The outfit design is dependent on the skin that the character is wearing. This guide will feature Xayah’s original appearance.

It consists of a maroon feather-like dress with a blue belt and feather-like cape with hood attached from the shoulders and collar area. The cosplay set will also come with a headband for the character’s horns and a pair of thigh-length bird feet boots. The cosplay set will also come with a couple of red arm sleeves with brown elbow pads on top of it. You will also get a long red wig that is also styled to include the character’s two horns. The collection is completed with purple feathers as a prop for Xayah’s weapon, as well as a Xayah figure.

About Xayah Costume

Xayah is a fierce and deadly warrior, able to deal massive damage to enemies. She also possesses great skills and abilities that complement her teammates, making her a good all-around character to have in a team. Xayah became a warrior because she wants to prevent her kind from fading away due to humans invading their tribal lands. When she went back to her tribe after going out to try and reason with humans, she was surprised to see all of them missing without a trace.

She ventured on a quest trying to locate them and destroying everyone in her path. It gave her the nickname The Violet Raven. She was mostly alone until she met Rakan, another Vastayan who would become her partner and lover in the quest to free her kind. Her deadly skills and abilities, as well as her exciting backstory, make her one of the famous characters of League of Legends. It also makes her a fantastic cosplay option. If you look at the cosplay photos, you can see that dressing up as Xayah will make any wearer stand out. She’s a good cosplay option for attending costume parties or going to comic or gaming conventions.

The LoL Xayah Cosplay Makeup

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