Inspiring Anne Wheeler Costume from The Greatest Showman

Anne Wheeler is one of the main characters of the movie The Greatest Showman. She is a trapeze artist and is one of the performers of P.T. Barnum’s circus acts. She usually performs her trapeze stunts while also singing. As an artist, you wouldn’t think that Anne would have an introvert personality, but she does. The racist time that she is in also affects her deeply, which sometimes causes her to lose confidence in herself outside of her performance.

As one of the main characters, Anne Wheeler is one of the favorites of people who watched The Greatest Showman. It makes her a good cosplay option. This article is an Anne Wheeler costume guide.

The Greatest Showman Anne Wheeler Costume Tutorial

anne wheeler costume diy

1. Purple Leotard                                          Check Price

2. Purple Anne Wheeler Cloak                   Check Price

3. Skin-tone Tights                                       Check Price

4. Purple Arm Bands                                    Check Price

5. Pink Wrist Bands                                      Check Price

6. Pink Anne Wheeler Wig                          Check Price


The Best Anne Wheeler from The Greatest Showman Cosplay Ideas

Anne Wheeler has worn various outfits throughout her appearance in The Greatest Showman. But the fans of the movie remember her most when she is wearing her performance outfit. It’s the look that is mostly associated with her and the one that people liked to mimic when cosplaying her. This guide will feature the performance outfit that Anne Wheeler wore in the movie.

It consists of a purple leotard with a see-through cloth that has glitters and gold design covering the chest area. The cosplay set will also come with skin-tone tights and a purple crop cloak that Anne Wheeler wears when on top of her purple leotard. Included in the costume are a pair of purple armbands and a pair of pink wrist bands. The cosplay set is completed with a short curly pink wig that Anne Wheeler wears as part of her performance outfit.

About Anne Wheeler Costume

Anne Wheeler is a confident and great performer. She is an experienced trapeze artist and usually performs at a high level during their act. But outside of the stage, Anne is an introvert girl who struggles to deal with the racism that is rampant during her time. This issue affects her deeply that she was even reluctant to reciprocate the feelings that Phillip Carlyle has for her, especially after Phillip’s parents scolded him for hanging out with her.

But she eventually gave in to her feelings after she saw that Phillip deeply cared for her, going as far as to risk his own life to save hers. What makes Anne Wheeler attractive is not only her confidence and personality, especially when she is performing, but also her beautiful appearance. It is especially evident when she is wearing her performance outfit, which makes her stand out. That is why Anne Wheeler is also a good cosplay option. Her overall appearance will make any lady beautiful and stand out in a crowd. If you look at the Anne Wheeler cosplay photos, you can see that she is a great cosplay option for attending costume parties or comic and movie conventions.

The Anne Wheeler Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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