The Immaculate 13th Doctor Costume Guide

The 13th Doctor is one of the main characters of the science TV program Doctor Who. She is the current reincarnation of the series protagonist, the Doctor. She is a Time-Lord from another planet that travels through space and time in a time-traveling spaceship called TARDIS. As a reincarnation, the Thirteenth Doctor possesses her distinct personality and appearance that is separate from the Doctor’s previous reincarnation.

The 13th Doctor is also the first female reincarnation of the Doctor, providing female fans of the popular TV series an opportunity to cosplay the main character. This article is a Thirteenth Doctor costume guide.

The Doctor Who | 13th Doctor Costume Tutorial

13th doctor costume diy

Parts you may need

1. Full 13th Doctor Costume                       Check Price

2. Blonde 13th Doctor Wig                          Check Price

3. Sonic Screwdriver Prop                           Check Price

4. Brown 13th Doctor Boots                        Check Price

5. 13th Doctor Doll                                       Check Price


The Best 13th Doctor of Doctor Who Costume Ideas

Despite having the name the 13th Doctor, the character, and all her previous reincarnations is not a doctor. It is just a name that the alien adopted as a promise that he made. That is why the character’s appearance and usual clothes don’t involve anything that remotely looks like a doctor. This guide will feature the typical outfit that the 13th Doctor wears.

It consists of a dark blue shirt with rainbow stripes design in the chest area. The set also comes with blue pants with yellow suspenders. The cosplay set also includes a light grey hoodie trench coat that a black line on the wrist area and a thick black outline at the bottom tip of the coat. The insides of the trench coat are dark blue. The appearance is completed with a short blonde wig for the 13th Doctor’s hairstyle and a pair of brown boots. The cosplay set will also come with a sonic screwdriver prop and a 13th Doctor doll.

About the 13th Doctor Costume

As Time-Lord, the 13th Doctor possesses a particular skill unique to her kind and that is the skill to reincarnate. Their nature can reincarnate whenever they experience a mortal wound. The 13th Doctor, as the name suggests, is already the 13th reincarnation of the protagonist. However, their regenerations are limited. The Doctor has 12 regenerations all-in-all, so the 13th Doctor is the last regeneration of the character. But there was speculation that a new set of regeneration was given so the 13th Doctors is possibly not the last reincarnation.

The 13th Doctor is also different since she is the first female reincarnation of the Doctor. She is also an adventurer with a kind heart and values friendship a lot. The character also believes in non-violent solutions. As the first female reincarnation of the character, female fans now have an opportunity to dress up as the protagonist of the Doctor Who series. If you look at the 13th Doctor cosplay photos, you can see that she is a great cosplay option to attend a costume party or do some cosplay photoshoots.

The 13th Doctor Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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