Complete Guide To Dark Souls Solaire Costume

Solaire of Astora is one of the characters of the role-playing game Dark Souls. Also known as the Knight of the Sunlight, he is an undead character that gamers can summon during specific boss battles throughout the game. Solaire is considered a skilled warrior, especially in using his sword. The role also doesn’t have any special skills or power, despite the holy symbols on his armor.

The character is also on a quest to find his sun, and he is encountered in various areas in the game. He is one of the famous characters in the game due to his personality and his Praise the Sun gesture. This article is a Solaire costume guide.

The Dark Souls Solaire of Astora Cosplay Tutorial

solaire costume diy

Parts you may need

1. Full Solaire Costume with Shield          Check Price

2. Solaire Helmet                                          Check Price

3. White Boots                                               Check Price

4. Leather Sword Frog                                 Check Price

5. Astora Sun Keychain                               Check Price

6. Foam Sword                                              Check Price


The Best Solaire of Astora from Dark Souls Cosplay Ideas

As a Knight of Sunlight, Solaire’s overall appearance depicts that of a noble knight. His outfit also contains a holy symbol of the sun, which is also the symbol of the Warrior of the Sunlight covenant. This guide will feature Solaire of Astora’s knight outfit.

It consists of a grey full-body suit with a white cloth covering the front and back to represent the knight’s armor and black fur on the shoulders. The front of the coat will also contain the Warrior of Sunlight symbol. A pair of silver bracers will also come with the cosplay set and a white shield that includes the Warrior of Sunlight symbol. The collection will also include a dark grey knight helmet with a red feather and a leather sword frog attached on the black leather belt to hold the sword. The cosplay set is completed with a pair of white boots, a foam sword, and the Astora Sun keychain.

About Solaire of Astora Costume

A lot of fans of Dark Souls are fond of Solaire because of his friendly personality and his willingness to always help out. But what fans enjoyed about Solaire is his signature gesture. Whenever the character praises the sun, he holds his arms up and forms a Y-shape while tiptoeing. It is a gesture that is seen a lot throughout the game. Despite the character’s friendly and helpful nature, he could also end up as an enemy and attack if specific actions were taken during the game.

As a popular character, Solaire is also a good cosplay option for people looking to dress up as characters from Dark Souls. His unique but straightforward outfit can make anyone who dresses up like him stand out. Just check out the Solaire cosplay photos, and you can see how great he is. He’s a great cosplay idea for people who are attending costume parties or going to comic conventions. He is also a good cosplay option for doing video game photoshoots.

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