How to Cosplay As The Beautiful Ann Takamaki of Persona 5

Ann Takamaki is one of the main characters in the video game Persona 5. She is a second-year student at Shujin Academy and a classmate of the game’s protagonist. She is also one of the first characters that gamers play with, along with the protagonist. It is easy to max out Ann’s level, and it’s not hard to use her during fights. It makes her a good character to start within Persona 5.

She does lose out to characters like Futaba Sakura and Makoto Niijima eventually, as the two are just more powerful and stronger. She is still fierce in her own right and is the most beautiful and stunning female character in the game. That’s why despite being less powerful than the two other female characters, her combination of fierceness and looks still have people considering her as a cosplay option. This article is an Ann Takamaki cosplay guide.

Persona 5 Ann Takamaki Cosplay Guide

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Parts you may need

1. Ann Takamaki Wig                                   Product Page

2. Ann Takamaki Outfit                               Product Page

3. Red Stockings                                            Check Price

4. Brown Boots                                              Check Price

5. Full Phantom Thieves Costume             Check Price

The Best Ann Takamaki of Persona 5 Cosplay Ideas

Ann Takamaki is one of the first characters that you will play with, alongside the Joker in the role-playing game Persona 5. She is not one of the strongest roles of the game. But it is easy to use her, as well as to max out her level, making her an ideal starting character. Her stunning looks also makes her an excellent choice for ladings looking to dress up as Persona 5 characters.

For this Ann Takamaki cosplay guide, the focus will be on her school outfit and her Phantom Thieves costume. The school outfit consists of a black school blazer with a white varsity-like hooded sweater underneath and plaid skirt. It also comes with red stockings, brown boots, and a long wavy platinum blonde wig for her hairstyle. The Phantom Thieves costume consists of a red skintight pussy catsuit that has a cleavage cutout and red tails. It also has red knee-length high heeled boots, pink gloves, and a pussycat helmet mask.

About Ann Takamaki Costume

Ann Takamaki is a sweet and compassionate girl who is also very kind. She is a bit withdrawn, though, and believes that she doesn’t have a place in this world because of her looks. Despite being stunning and beautiful, people aren’t drawn to her because of her foreign blood. Nasty rumors about her and the volleyball coach Suguru Kamoshida didn’t help her reputation.

In the protagonist’s first heist to deal with Kamoshida, Ann joined them to try and avenge her friend who Kamoshida sexually assaulted. That is also where the character awakened her Persona Carmen who has the appearance of a classic femme fatale. Despite not being the most active character in the game, Ann is considered as the most beautiful and stunning female in Persona 5. It makes her a good option for ladies looking to dress up as Persona 5 characters. If you look at the Ann Takamaki cosplay photos, you can see her stunning looks and appearance reflects on the wearer.

Cosplayer: LuxlocosplayCalssara.cosplay

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Persona 5 Ann Takamaki Cosplay Makeup

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