How To Create Your Own Van Helsing Costume

Gabriel Van Helsing is the protagonist of the movie Van Helsing and the animated film Van Helsing: The London Assignment. Gabriel is an Archangel that came to Earth to become human and hunt monsters. He was known for killing Dracula. The character was a reimagined version of Abraham Van Helsing, the character who first played the monster hunter.

As an Archangel, Gabriel Van Helsing possesses immense power and is immortal. But as a human, he doesn’t have any power and is mortal. But he does possess human abilities that are far greater than that of regular humans. This article is a Van Helsing costume guide.

The Best Gabriel Van Helsing from Movie Van Helsing Cosplay Tutorial

van helsing costume diy

Parts you may need

1. Black Van Helsing Coat                           Check Price

2. Black Van Helsing Hat                            Check Price

3. Medium Black Wig                                   Check Price

4. Black Leather Vest                                   Check Price

5. Pocket Watch                                             Check Price

6. Van Helsing Boots                                    Check Price

7. Black Pants                                                 Check Price

8. Revolver Gun                                             Check Price

9. Weapon Prop                                             Check Price


The Best Gabriel Van Helsing from Van Helsing Movie Cosplay Ideas

One of the coolest things about Gabriel Van Helsing aside from his monster-fighting abilities is his overall appearance. The character looks cool and badass, increasing his awesomeness factor whenever he fights monsters. This guide will feature the usual outfit that Van Helsing wears.

It consists of a black shirt with a black leather vest on top and black pants. The cosplay set will also come with a black leather trench coat and a pair of black boots. The outfit is completed with a couple of black gloves and a black wide-brimmed hat that Van Helsing is known to wear in the movies. The collection also includes a medium-length black wig in Gabriel Van Helsing’s hairstyle. The cosplay set will also come with the accessories that the character used, which provides for his pocket watch, a revolver gun, and a weapon prop.

About Gabriel Van Helsing Costume

Gabriel Van Helsing is your typical broken hero since he is mostly a lonely and silent man, doing what he needs to do without any questions or hesitations. He has fought many battles and always asks for forgiveness every time he kills a monster. But after his memory loss, he doesn’t remember a lot of the battles he has fought before. Though he kills monsters, the world sees him as a murderer since they don’t see the monsters.

It makes Van Helsing even more silent, preferring to do his work discreetly or out of the public eye so as not to draw any attention. His personality and cool appearance are what brings a lot of people to the character. It also makes him an excellent cosplay option for people who are looking for a cool character to dress up as for costume parties or comic conventions. If you look at the Van Helsing cosplay photos, you can see that he is a great character that can make anyone stand out in a crowd. He is also a good costume for doing photoshoots.

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