The Greatest Showman P.T. Barnum Costume DIY Guide

Phineas Taylor Barnum, or more commonly known as P.T. Barnum, is the protagonist of the movie The Greatest Showman. He was an American politician, businessman, and showman and was the creator of the Barnum & Baily Circus. P.T. Barnum grew up with almost nothing, which made him strive to have nearly everything for his family and himself.

He eventually achieved success and became rich, but all of it wasn’t enough as he still wanted more. His greed eventually led to his downfall, but family and friends helped him bounce back and regain his stature and fortune. This article is a P.T. Barnum cosplay guide.

The Greatest Showman Anne Wheeler Costume Tutorial

PT Barnum costume diy

Parts you may need

1. Full P.T. Barnum Costume                    Check Price

2. P.T. Barnum Hat                                     Check Price

3. Black Leather Shoes                               Check Price

4. Pimp Cane Prop                                      Check Price


The Best P.T. Barnum from The Greatest Showman Cosplay Ideas

Like a lot of the characters in The Greatest Showman, P.T. Barnum wears different outfits throughout his appearance in the movie. But people who have watched the movie mostly remember him wearing his ringmaster outfit whenever his circus acts are performing. This guide will feature P.T. Barnum’s ringmaster outfit.

It consists of a white long-sleeved polo and black pants. On top of the polo is a red vest that has yellow rope designs all over it. The cosplay set also comes with a red performance coat that has black design at the sleeve opening with a fiery gold trail. The opening of the coat is black and contains yellow buttons. The cosplay set also comes with a black top hat and a pair of black leather shoes. The costume set is completed with a pimp cane prop that P.T. Barnum uses during his performance as the circus ringmaster.

About P.T. Barnum Costume

P.T. Barnum is an ambitious man, wanting to achieve fame, fortune, and success. This ambition started when he was a boy since their family didn’t have much. His father was a tailor who made suits for the rich. When P.T. Barnum was a boy, he fell in love with a rich man’s daughter who went with him once they grew up despite P.T. Barnum not yet wealthy and successful. He felt terrible that he couldn’t give the kind of life he wants for his wife and daughter, which prompted P.T. to try his luck at starting a business.

P.T. Barnum first tried opening a Wax Museum, which didn’t garner much success. He then turned the museum into a circus where he got freaks to perform circus acts. He named the circus Barnum $ Baily Circus and was a huge success. But the success he got wasn’t enough, and he craved for more. As the protagonist, P.T. Barnum is one of the favorite choices of people looking to cosplay characters from The Greatest Showman. And if you look at the P.T. Barnum cosplay photos, you can see that the overall appearance of the character fits the movie title since anyone is transformed into a great showman when they dress up as P.T. Barnum. His costume is fantastic for attending costume parties or comic and movie conventions.

The P.T. Barnum Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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