The Complete Sandlot Quaints Costume DIY Guide

Michael Palledorous, or more commonly known as Squints, is one of the supporting characters in the sports comedy movie The Sandlot. He is one of the kids who comprise the local sandlot baseball team. Squints is portrayed as a smart-aleck kid who grew up in a neighborhood near the sandlot. He is also shown to have feelings for Wendy Peffercorn, a lifeguard at a local pool. Squints is the character that started the legend of the Beast and the meanest man who ever lived.

He got that story from his grandfather, the retired police chief Squidman Palledorous. The mean man referred to in the story was Mr. Mertle, and the Beast is his English Mastiff that is said to be vast and savage. Squints likely got the story to scare him as a child. Though he is not the main character, he is known for providing a very classic diss quote. This article is a Squints costume guide in both adult and child styles.

The Sandlot - Child Squints Palledorous Costume Guide

child squints costume ideas

1. Squints Baseball Shirt                              Check Price

2. White Squints T-Shirt                              Check Price

3. Jeans                                                            Check Price

4. Baseball                                                      Check Price

5. Squints Hat                                                Check Price

6. Squints Glasses                                         Check Price

7. Baseball Glove                                            Check Price

8. White High-Cut Sneakers                       Check Price


The Best Child Squints Palledorous of The Sandlot Costume Ideas

Michael “Squints” Palledorous is one of the supporting characters of the sports comedy movie The Sandlot. He is one of the nine kids who comprise the sandlot baseball team and the one responsible for the legend of the Beast. He is also known mostly for his big crush on Wendy Peffercorn and his smart-aleck remarks, especially the classic diss “the kid is an L7 weenie.”

This guide will feature the Squints Palledorous’ full costume. It consists of a white and orange stripe t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of white high-cut sneakers. The white t-shirt with ¾ blue sleeves white replaces the orange stripe t-shirt. The Squints costume contains his signature plain black cap that he wears backward and his glasses with thick black rims. A baseball and baseball glove is also included in this cosplay set to complete Squints’ appearance.

Adult Squints Costume Guide of The Sandlot

sandlot adult squints costume ideas

1. Short Sleeved Light Blue Polo                Check Price

2. Squints T-Shirt                                          Check Price

3. Black Pants                                                 Check Price

4. Black Cap                                                    Check Price

5. Squints Sandlot Glasses                          Check Price

6. Black Sneakers                                           Check Price

7. Baseball                                                       Check Price

8. Baseball Glove                                           Check Price


The Best Adult Squints Palledorous of The Sandlot Cosplay Ideas

As an adult, Michael “Squints” Palledorous still wore his trademark plain black cap and glasses with thick black rims. But his outfit did mature a bit, considering he became a businessman. But his love for baseball remained, even if he didn’t become a professional player.

This cosplay guide will feature the appearance of Adult Squints Palledorous. The cosplay set will come with a short-sleeved light blue polo that he wears unbuttoned to reveal the white t-shirt underneath. The outfit will also come in black pants and a pair of black sneakers. The collection includes Squint’s trademark plain black cap that he wears backward and glasses with black rims. To show that the character didn’t forget about his love for baseball, a baseball glove, and a baseball is also included in the cosplay set.

About Squints Palledorous Costume

The story of Sandlot doesn’t revolve around Michael “Squints” Palledorous, but you can say that he played a significant role in the movie. He’s the one responsible for telling the story of how Mr. Mertle got a giant and savage English Mastiff called the Beast to prevent thieves from stealing from his junkyard.  His friends beat him up, though, when it was revealed that Mr. Mertle was not evil and his dog named Hercules, is sweet.

As an adult, Squint became the owner of Squint Pharmacy. He married Wendy and they had nine children. He is one of the memorable characters in the movie because of his story, smart-aleck remarks, and love for Wendy. If you look at the Squints cosplay photos, you can see a lot of people likes to cosplay him, whether it’s the child or adult look. Squints and Wendy Peffercom are also a good couple cosplay idea.

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