The Most Easy Way to DIY Steve Zissou Costume

Steve Zissou is the main character of the comedy-drama movie entitled The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. He is an oceanographer that is working on his latest documentary. The film, which was released in 2004, focuses on the main character’s mission to find and document the “jaguar shark”.

His drive to find the shark was because the “jaguar shark” ate his best friend and chief diver, Esteban du Plantier. Critics have mixed reviews about the movie but audiences loved it, especially those who are big fans of the writer and producer Wes Anderson. Steve Zissou is even one of the most memorable characters that Wes Anderson created. The character’s evolution from a selfish and egotistical jerk to someone who can be a selfless and compassionate, especially in the ending, is a great climax. This article will be a Steve Zissou costume guide.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou - Steve Zissou Costume Guide

steve zissou costume guide

1. Team Zissou Uniform Shirt                    Check Price

2. White T-shirt                                            Check Price

3. Steve Zissou Hat                                       Check Price

4. White Beard                                              Check Price

5. Steve Zissou Watch                                  Check Price

6. Team Zissou Uniform Pants                   Check Price

7. Gun Holster                                                Check Price

8. Handgun                                                    Check Price

9. Steve Zissou Adidas Shoes                     Check Price

10. Team Zissou Patches                             Check Price


The Best Steve Zissou of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Costume Ideas

Steve Zissou is the protagonist of the movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. He is an oceanographer and documentarian who is dedicated to documenting what he calls the “Jaguar shark” after the creature ate his best friend. His adventure, though, didn’t go smoothly, especially considering his selfish and egotistical attitude. Despite his unique personality, he is the most popular character in the movie.

One of the most recognizable things about Steve is his iconic outfit, which this guide will feature. It consists of a light blue buttoned polo with a white t-shirt underneath and a matching light blue pants. It serves as the character’s uniform. The set also comes with a red beanie, white rubber shoes, and uniform patches. The collection includes a white beard, a black gun holster that will attach to the leg, and a handgun.

About Steve Zissou Costume

Steve Zissou is an oceanographer and a documentarian who is also a bit of a selfish and egotistical jerk. He doesn’t fully comprehend how his actions will have consequences. But he does show he cared for his friends, considering he is tracking down the Jaguar shark that ate his best friend. He also showed a bit of heart, especially at the end when he let the creature go after capturing it.

It shows he also evolved throughout the movie, which made people like him. But one of the things that will stand out most about Steve is his iconic light blue uniform, red bobble hat, and white beard. People who saw the movie will instantly recognize this outfit. And if you look at the Steve Zissou cosplay photos, you can see that this look will make you stand out in a crowd. Team Zissou is a great choice for team cosplay with your friends.

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