How To Dress Like Female Wolverine X-23

Laura, or the mutant with the code name X-23, is one of the main characters of the movie Logan. She is one of the mutant children as part of the X-23 project of Transigen. Wolverine’s genetic material was used to impregnate Laura’s mother, thus making her Wolverine’s biological daughter.

As the daughter of Wolverine, she inherited his advanced healing powers as well as bone claws, which is also doused with adamantium. But unlike her father, Laura was created to be a weapon, so she was trained in combat at a very early age. This article is an X-23 Cosplay Guide.

The Movie Logan X-23 Cosplay Tutorial

X23 costume ideas

Parts you may need

1. X-23 Jacket                                              Check Price

2. Grey T-Shirt                                            Check Price

3. Blue Jeans                                                Check Price

4. Green Igloo Backpack                           Check Price

5. Adjustable Claws                                    Check Price

6. Reddish Brown Boots                           Check Price

7. Pink Sunglasses                                      Check Price


The Best X-23 of the Movie Logan Costume Ideas

Laura’s appearance in the movie Logan is very different from what she looks like in the comics, especially when it comes to the outfit. In the film, X-23 is wearing mostly casual clothes since she is on the run and not yet part of any established group or alliance. In the comics, she is known more to wear a black battle uniform with a hoodie. This guide will feature  X-23 wearing her casual outfits.

It consists of a grey T-shirt with Magical Unicorn design in the middle and a blue jacket on top of it. The cosplay set also includes jeans, a pair of reddish-brown boots and a green Igloo backpack that Laura was seen wearing in the movie. The costume will also come with other accessories that X-23 has, like a pair of adjustable claws and her pink sunglasses.

About X-23 Costume

X-23 is the biological daughter of Wolverine, giving her advanced regenerative ability and bone claws. Like her father, her bones were also doused with adamantium, making her almost indestructible. But since she was created as a weapon, all she knows is to fight and kill. Throughout the movie, she started to develop further, especially with the help of Wolverine. Though she hardly speaks, her character development in the film, as well as her growing relationship with Wolverine made her a fan favorite.

That is why X-23 is another good cosplay option for people looking to cosplay X-Men characters. The good thing about her is that she is the female version of Wolverine, so female fans of the character now have someone they can dress up as Wolverine. If you look at the X-23 cosplay photos, you can see that the character is a good cosplay choice if you plan on attending a costume party or a comic convention. The photos also showed that she is a good option if you’re doing a photoshoot.

The Logan X-23 Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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