DIY Guide Of Darla Finding Nemo Costume

Darla Sherman, or just Darla, is an antagonist in the Disney and Pixar animated film Finding Nemo. She is not your typical villain since she is an 8-year-old girl. But Darla is one of the villains in the movie because of her bratty, irresponsible, and hyperactive behavior. She always ends up killing her pet fish. Gil and the other fishes inside the fish tank of Philip Sherman call her the Fish Killer.

Darla once had a fish named Chuckles that she killed after shaking the bag he was in non-stop. She is one of the villains because Nemo is supposed to be her new fish. The other villain is her uncle, who gifted Nemo to her. Though Darla is a villain, she’s a villain that you won’t hate since her actions are due to the character’s young age. And as one of the two humans in the movie, she is one of the favorite cosplay options. This article is a Darla Sherman costume guide.

The Finding Nemo Darla Costume Tutorial

darla finding nemo costume ideas

Parts you may need

1. Darla Finding Nemo Sweatshirt           Check Price

2. Rock n Roll Girl Sticker                         Check Price

3. Darla Headgear                                       Check Price

4. Darla Finding Nemo Skirt                     Check Price

5. Clip Napkin                                               Check Price

6. Nemo Plush                                               Check Price

7. Fake Teeth                                                 Check Price

8. Black Mary Jane Shoes                           Check Price


The Best Darla of Finding Nemo Cosplay Guide

Despite being one of the villains in the Finding Nemo movie, Darla didn’t have a lot of screen time. So the character only wore one outfit throughout the film, so cosplaying Darla doesn’t have options. This cosplay guide will feature the outfit that the character wore in the movie.

It consists of a purple long-sleeved sweater that has the Rock n Roll Girl design on the center. The set will come with a sticker of the shirt design that you can place in the middle of the sweater. The Darla cosplay set will also come with a yellow skirt that has dark brown plaid and a pair of black Mary Jane shoes. For the accessories, the collection has fake teeth and hanging wire attached to it since Darla wears braces. The cosplay set is completed with a clip napkin set and a Nemo plush doll.

About Darla Finding Nemo Costume

Darla is not evil, cowardly, has bad intention, or even mischievous. She doesn’t look ugly or monstrous. She is just your normal 8-year-old girl that has braces and a bit bratty. But she is the villain of the movie Finding Nemo because her unintentional actions usually lead to dead fish. She’s very fond of fishes, and she’s always excited to have one.

But her excitement is sometimes too much that she would violently shake the bag that contains the fish, which ends up killing it. These actions are not malicious or evil. She’s just a kid who doesn’t know what she’s doing. That is why Darla is still an option for a lot of ladies who are looking to cosplay Finding Nemo characters. And if you look at the Darla cosplay photos, you can see that cosplaying as Darla is the right choice for costume parties, comic cons, or photoshoots.

Finding Nemo Darla Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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