How to Become A Real Life Pam Beesly of The Office

Pamela Morgan Beesly, or more commonly known as Pam, is one of the characters of the sitcom The Office. She is a receptionist at the Scranton branch Dunder Mifflin office. She is currently married to Jim Halpert, and they have two children together, Cecelia “Cece” Marie Halpert and Philip Halpert.

Pam usually looks shy and hesitant, which makes her look weak at times. In reality, though, she is a strong woman who has a good sense of humor. Like Jim, she also likes to prank people and usually assists Jim when he does his pranks. Pam is one of the favorite characters in The Office sitcom, and it has a lot to do with her relationship with Jim and how it progressed as the series progresses. Of course, there’s also the fact that she is good looking as well. It makes Pam a good option for the ladies to dress up as. This article is a Pam Beesly costume guide.

The Best Pam Beesly of The Office Costume Tutorial

pam beesly costume ideas

1. Pink Long-sleeved Sweater                     Check Price

2. Pam Shirt                                                    Check Price

3. Pam Beesly Hair                                        Check Price

4. Grey Skirt                                                    Check Price

5. White Tea Pot                                            Check Price

6. Small Earring Set                                      Check Price

7. ID Badge                                                      Check Price


The Best Pam Beesly of The Office Costume Ideas

Pam Beesly is one of the characters of the sitcom The Office. She worked as a receptionist at the Dunder Mifflin office, Scranton branch, and she is currently the wife of Jim Halpert. Her love story with Jim is what made her popular among the sitcom’s fans because they didn’t start as a couple right away. It makes Pam a good option for ladies as well who are looking to cosplay The Office characters.

This Pam Beesly costume guide will feature her usual attire. It is a white short-sleeved buttoned polo with a grey skirt that has short slits on either side of the leg. The cosplay set will also come with a long-sleeve pink sweater that Pam always wears and a shoulder-length brown curly wig for the character’s hairstyle, and a small earring set. The set is completed with Pam’s ID badge a white teapot as a prop.

About Pam Beesly Costume

At first look, you’d think Pam Beesly is someone weak and sensitive because of her shy personality and also for hesitating a lot. She is also generally polite to everyone, and she likes drawing and painting. In reality, though, she is a strong woman, who also has a sense of humor. She won’t hesitate to play a prank or to help out Jim in pranking someone.

But one of her biggest draw in the sitcom was her partnership with Jim. Fans like the chemistry of the two characters, especially their struggle within since they like each other but cannot be together, especially during the first few seasons. When they finally got together, they showed everyone that they are meant for each other. Looking at the cosplay photos, you can see that cosplaying as Pam Beesly would make more sense if you have a partner that is going as Jim Halpert. They make a cute couple together. It’s a great idea to get the Jim and Pam costume with your friends for Halloween.

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Sweat Pam Beesly & Jim Halpert

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