The Complete Guide Of Hisoka Cosplay

Hisoka Morow, or more commonly known as just Hisoka, is one of the characters in the hit anime and manga series Hunter X Hunter. He is a complex character since you don’t know if he is a friend or foe. Hisoka is a strong character and is always on the lookout for other strong characters to challenge them to a fight.

He is ruthless and won’t hesitate to kill, but he spares individuals who can become stronger in the future so he can challenge them. He is one of the popular characters in the series. This article is a Hisoka cosplay guide.

The Hunter X Hunter Hisoka from Cosplay Tutorial

hisoka cosplay diy

1. Full Hisoka 1999 Costume                     Check Price

2. Full Hisoka 2011 Costume                     Check Price

3. Short Red Spikey Wig                             Check Price

4. Playing Card Deck                                    Check Price

5. Hisoka Figure                                            Check Price

The Best Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter Cosplay Ideas

Hisoka’s appearance will remind you of a court jester since he looks like one. He has several different outfits throughout the anime and manga series. The first anime adaptation of the character in 1999 has him sporting blue hair. They changed it in 2011 to red hair and his outfit also changed a bit. This guide will feature 2 of Hisoka’s outfits.

The first one is the one he wore during the Hunter Exam Arc. It’s a light-blue short-sleeved jacket that has the clover and spade symbol and matching light-blue pants. The costume also comes with a pair of pink wrist bands, pink ankle wrap, and a pink waistband. Completing the outfit is a yellow sash tied on the waist. The second costume consists of a sleeveless dark blue jacket that has two diamond symbols at the front. The Hisoka costume also comes with white pants that have a dark-coloured circle in the knees. Completing the cosplay is a pair of white armbands and wrist bands. Completing the cosplay set is a short red spikey wig for Hisoka’s hairstyle, a playing card deck, and a Hisoka figure.

About Hisoka Costume

Hisoka is one of the famous characters in the series, because of his power and his lust to fight and defeat powerful characters. He joined the Phantom Troupe after killing one of its members. One of his goals is to fight the leader of the group. He also shown as a selfish and self-absorbed person, doing whatever he wants and only following the group’s directives if it serves him.

Though he is ruthless, he likes to toy with characters who have potential, like Gon and Killua. Instead of killing them, he allowed them to live so he can fight them in the future when they are strong enough to give him a challenge. This character’s personality and power intrigued fans of the series, making him one of the popular characters. That is why he is also one of the favourite cosplay options. If you check out the Hisoka cosplay photos, you can see that his jester-like appearance can instil awe and admiration. He’s an excellent costume for anime conventions.

Hisoka Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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