DIY To Make A Overwatch Hanzo Cosplay

Hanzon Shimada is one of the playable characters in the hit multiplayer first-person shooting game Overwatch. He is a mercenary archer and one of the heroes that you can play in the game. As a mercenary archer, Hanzo is a high damage hero that uses arrows to reveal his enemies. He is also skilled and agile, able to scale walls to shoot arrows from higher ground.

He is also one of the popular heroes that gamers love to play with because of his serious damage and instant-kill abilities. This article is a Hanzo cosplay guide.

The Overwatch Hanzo Cosplay Tutorial

hanzo cosplay DIY

1. Full Hanzo Costume                                Check Price

2. Hanzo-inspired T-Shirt                          Check Price

3. Black Wig and Beard                              Check Price

4. Quiver and Strap Holder                       Check Price

5. Wine Gourds                                            Check Price

6. Hanzo’s Bow                                            Check Price

7. Hanzo’s Tattoo                                        Check Price

8. Gray Boots                                               Check Price


The Best Hanzo from Overwatch Cosplay Ideas

Like many Overwatch characters, Hanzo has worn various outfits in the game. That is mainly because gamers in Overwatch will have different skins available for their characters that provide different looks and added strengths. This guide will feature the classic look that the character sports.

Hanzo’s outfit consists of a black kyudo-gi, to reveal the left side of his upper body. The right side of the character’s uniform has a kanji sign. Included in the set is a black hakama pants with design, a gray gauntlet on the right arm that Hanzo wears, and a pair of gray boots. The cosplay set will also have a black wig in the character’s hairstyle and a beard for Hanzo’s facial hair. The character’s costume is completed with the tattoo of Hanzo, the bow that he uses, some wine gourds, and a quiver and strap holder for his arrows.

About Hanzo Costume

Hanzo was the heir of a syndicate, which means he performed cruel and atrocious things. But he changed his ways and is using his arrows and skills to redeem himself and restore his honor. Though his choice of weapon is not high-technology, Hanzo is one of the characters with the greatest damage in the game. His instant-kill ultimate is a favorite among gamers, making him one of the famous roles that they use in the game.

It also made Hanzo a popular cosplay option, especially since the character wears the traditional outfit of Kyudo, which is the Japanese martial arts of archery. It makes him a cool character to dress up as, especially for people who are big fans of the Japanese martial arts. If you take a look at the Hanzo cosplay photos, you can see that the character’s appearance is an excellent mix of traditional and modern look. Hanzo is a great cosplay option to attend a costume party or go to gaming and comic conventions. His unique look will make the wearer stand out.

Overwatch Hanzo Cosplay Makeup

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